National Pokédex Help

2021.12.03 20:03 MrMargz National Pokédex Help

I’m about 20 mons short of completing the National Dex that are all random daily spawns (trophy garden, great marsh, swarms) with the addition of Magmorter. Anybody have any of the following that they could lend me?: Pidgey +Evolutions, Yanma, Slakoth +Evolutions, Makuhita +Evolution, Nosepass, Electrike +Evolution, Plusle, Minun, Spoink +Evolution, Spinda, Castform, Yanmega, Probopass, and Magmorter
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2021.12.03 20:03 TemporarySpeed6195 I’m doing a Pokémon fire red nuzloke. Wish me luck

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2021.12.03 20:03 aia-e Dear r/antiwork US based members

(of which I believe a lot of you are)
I've been lurking on this sub with two different account, this and a previous one deleted because I get bored and subscribe to too many subs and its easier this way to get rid of all of them, and I've read through a lot in the past months I understand your anger.
I am not American or US based, but Eastern European based, yet have worked 3 separate low wage jobs in the US in F&B and Hospitality during college through work and travel programs. I like the country, got along mostly with POC, minorities and immigrants but also low wage paid people because of common values in life: not taking things for granted, working twice as hard for the same result as people who are given stuff for granted, the stupidity of the idea that low paid jobs have to work and individual as to punish him for being a low wager and other similar stuff.
I did these jobs so I could have something to do during summer, make a buck, because the purchasing value of a low wage is higher for an individual who's working just for 4 months there and then returning home to college, buying stuff I couldn't afford home, make a shit ton of friends and of course travel in places I couldn't afford otherwise. I learned a lot from the US and although we give you a lot of shit, that doesn't mean we don't respect you in other ways.
I dropped in to simply remind you that you have every right to move out of US if you have the means to (people not in care, not a big family, young kids etc.). If you are young (and not only), you have every right to experience joyful youth years not worried that a medical bill is going to bankrupt you, that you have to plan your days off as to not affect your wages, that you need to leave your job to give birth, that you must be dependent to personal car based transport and other US-esque perks. My Eastern folks and European folks as a whole are kind of taking for granted paid leave days, paid maternity, cheap or free healthcare through national insurance schemes or other jobs or simply citizen benefits. We do have high taxes, but I couldn't get mad for long for those 45% in taxes I pay monthly since I have a social safety net, though far from perfect but still existent, that I can rely on. Some if not most of US based citizens do not and it's sad as fuck.
Yet, now, even if it may sound condescending or stupid for the people from the group of nations I'm about to mention: consider moving to the UK. Why?

and and overlooked part of this is that it doesn't have to be permanent, as you are free to move back whenever you like. but you do need stability in your life for some time in order to make the stability more long lasting when conditions become unfavorable afterwards. and you are entitled to not being judged for all the shit i've seen posted here. it's humiliating the US is still promoting itself in the favorable way it does.
pls don't give me post to this, but Eastern European countries have one of the biggest diasporas in the world, we accepted this a long time ago. people didn't move out of oppression after 1990, but for stability. then they came back and most of them still have that stability. they came back with some skills and some savings and some happy chemicals to avert depressions and maybe even spouses, because the conditions in the countries they moved and then came back from were more favorable for that than their native countries.
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2021.12.03 20:03 dabaroonskii 2021-2022 LA Lakers Hidden Files: a nonfactual story about LeGM and his interpersonal team relations. (PG-13) READ BELOW

LeBron walks out of his team's locker room bathroom at halftime after taking a fat LeDump that even tore his strong athletic asshole a little. This contributes to the brutal attitude he's displaying on his facial features as he walks down the hall. Frank Vogel walks up to him to join him back to the team's locker room, only for LeBron to lift a leg and fart some leftover shit fumes onto his coach. Vogel stops and stays behind to fully inhale all of the farts.
LeBron thinks to himself, damn everyone wants some LePooty. chuckles to himself but then is reminded of Paul pierce bc of his poop game and ends up doing an air punch out of anger "the truth" he thinks to himself with a grin and wide eyes as he laughed and snorted to himself like a madman, looking like he was Bronny, this time the one at the hand of the LeBelt's sense of firm justice or something.
He walks in and the locker room goes from a laid back, happy-go-lucky kind of vibe to a rather LeTense vibe.
Austin Reaves, whimpers as LeBron walks past him, scared to death of LeBrons dominant stature.
Bazemore goes from laughing and snickering, To whistling some nervous whistles loudly out of his front gap.
Rondo, who is the only one not giving a fuck about vibes, stands up and daps up LeBron. (Rondo does this bc he doesn't give a fuck getting traded. Last year he screamed at LeBron, "trade me, I dare ya!" "rondo chill brother it's good ur secure here" "damn Paul pierce was way more straight up with me" "get ur ass to Atlanta, you geek you don't even have your very own space jam movie to ur name" "Ok, whatever man" daps him up walked and then happily jogged while he left while singing, I don't give a fuck Bron, I'm Rondo, now u got no playmaking and no one on the bench of my Bball IQ capabilities
Anthony Davis listens to music at halftime to unwind. He tells them it's killer rap music, but it's the audio of the Mickey Mouse clubhouse (he said it's used as fuel to prove the haters wrong) "This is why I was able to sustain a borderline .500 record with LeBron injured and only Westbrook and a ton of other decent players. No one understands, the kings are for real nowadays."
Kendrick Nunn, tired of the constant baggage this team has. "I miss jimmy man, and Udonis" later that night he calls Haslem but Udonis tells him he's gotta train his squats for the rest of this season riding the Pine grind. "My ass feels like it could use some exercise NGL, it's been years since I sat up from my seat. I come naked to the games under my warmups."
Dwight is too busy getting haircuts to talk.
Malik Monk loves LeBron but knows MJ is better. Every time malik wears Jordan, LeBron conspires for at least 1 DNP, malik just wanted a consistent role on a good team. He didn't want all this.
Westbrook, who is doing splits and twerking his shit around like Michael Jackson but with muscles and no shady allegations against him. LeBron turns around as D Jordan screams, "Oh my! LeBron got a boney!" No, I don't! Screams LeBron. Frank Vogel walks in and starts to talk but no one looks at him. "Hey... uhhhhhhh guy... " (mumbling) so let's talk about--"
"Shut up man" Says Melo from his hoodie sitting quietly in the corner being a badass.
"Ok sir, and Melo thanks for taking my wife home last night safely, I respect u for treating her"
"Frank you dumb Fuck I have a wife" a wife!" Melo retires
Frank stomps around the locker room until losing it and begins to cry.
Trevor Ariza sits there quietly trying to remember the order of teams he played on. Knicks... Magic... Lakers... Rockets... Hornets... uhhhh uhhh....... he starts to go into shock
Austin Reaves, being the good dude he is, brings Trevor a laminated card and says to keep in his wallet outlining the order so he never has t----
LeBully interrupts Austin w a weird question...
"Austin, you haven't bought a place, right? I'd keep renting brother..."
Alright, Lakers on 3.... 1! 2! 3!
go out and let the Nets complete a 34 point comeback and LeBron bricks a three so bad it knocks out the make a wish kid sitting courtside
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2021.12.03 20:03 EvulRabbit Update to the "fake" Amazon paying 1$ for 16 hours.

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2021.12.03 20:03 JohnnyTaco84 Easy meals for the entire day

Aside from eating cheap and healthy I also like to eat with minimal effort and cleanup. I only cook with a frying pan. I get enough variation through alternating lunch and dinner options, and also eating out. Here is my usual day -
Breakfast - Oatmeal: 1/3 cup quick cooking oats, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup water... combine and microwave for 1:30. Add a drizzle of maple syrup and a spoon of brown sugar and stir. Side options include hardboiled eggs and fruit.
Morning Snack - Juice Shake: Add baby spinach and pre-packaged frozen fruit to a blender, 50:50 ratio and fill about 2/3rd full. Then fill with OJ and water, using a little bit more OJ than water. Keeps sugar down and saves on OJ.
Lunch - Bread and cheese: You might spend a little more on higher quality breads and cheeses from the deli, still cheaper than lunch meat which isn't that healthy anyways. You don't need meat for every meal. But yeah I just spread/put cheese on bread and dunk it in olive oil. Can try other spreads too like hummus or olive tapenade. lots of variation possible here.
Afternoon snack - Random: Apples, pistachios, grapes, protein shake. Call it a wild card.
Dinner - I Mainly make two dinners which I alternate between, Beef burritos and chicken shawarma. Both using tortillas and can be cooked in one pan. I also get leftovers for the next day.
For the beef burritos: Brown ground beef (90/10+ if you don't want to drain) in pan on medium heat, then run just enough water to be able to stir in seasoning (packets always say to add too much imo), add taco seasoning packet and a spoon of corn starch, keep stirring as you slowly turn down heat over about 5 minutes and give it a taste test. From here I heat the tortilla, add cooked beef, mexican blended cheese, and taco bell sauce but toppings are up to you. I figure I get enough nutrition earlier in the day so I usually just keep it simple.
For the chicken shawarma: I buy chicken breast in bulk and then cut it up into bite sized pieces. Then add about 2-3 spoons of premade shawarma marinade (I like the one from Whole Foods, go there just for that) into some ziploc bags. After that add chicken. close the bags and mix marinade with chicken in bag by mushing it around with your hands. Freeze and thaw as needed. Once thawed remix the bag again and let it sit at room temp for 30 minutes before cooking. Add a dash of cooking oil (don't use olive) to a pan and turn the heat to HIGH (notch or two below max). Add the chicken to the pan and stiflip frequently. Add whatever seasoning, I use a premix like Johnny's. It should get a nice blackening/seer in a few minutes, once it does turn the heat down just a notch or two and cook for another few minutes. Check that there is no pink. Heat some tortillas and add Hummus and baba ghanoush. Then add cooked chicken. Then add cut up spicy pickles.
I hope this gave you some ideas. Please share if you have any interesting tweaks to anything I mentioned.
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2021.12.03 20:03 Yang-Micropets 🚨ATTENTION EVERYONE🚨

BSC is going through massive upgrades, and it’s creating problems for network providers and users. Be patient and wait for a while before it gets better.

This upgrade is going to be very helpful to the network. Which will eventually help with speed and congestion.

If you’re unable to make transactions, this is the reason. Don’t panic. Our contract is monitored 24/7 by top company and when there are issues it’s usually fixed before the community even notice it.

Our best advice right now is to relax and wait on using Dapp until the network gets less congested.

Thank you for your understanding,
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2021.12.03 20:03 Admirable_Nerve_1670 Night janitors of reddit, What is the creepiest/scariest thing you have ever witnessed?

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2021.12.03 20:03 Ry3_M Anyone have a Reshiram or Zekrom. Would appreciate an invite.

Can't say anything more than what I have in the title. 3308 6541 7538
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2021.12.03 20:03 littlefairywingz French actress and model, Capucine in 1953. In love with her outfit, it looks so classy

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2021.12.03 20:03 CatMilliams Tip of hex key sheared off in limit screw, and I need to adjust the screw. Any suggestions?

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2021.12.03 20:03 LittleM2600 How do I ask my mum to book me counselling?

A week or so ago was talking about how I do most of my lessons separately and she asked if I wanted her to look into counselling to help, at the time I declined.
Currently in a mood of nothings and feel like counselling would be really useful, but I don’t know how to bring it up and ask without it being like super concerning?
What would be the best way to ask and bring it up?
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2021.12.03 20:03 clip_mirror_bot Melina puts a stop to the mom jokes

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2021.12.03 20:03 Zealousideal-Flan-61 New Year’s Eve

Are we all going to have to do something for Navdy as we drive home after NYE this year? Or are the stable stickied versions NYE-proof?!
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2021.12.03 20:03 Sad-Soundcloud BERRYMANE - CANT'T SLEEP w/ ROLAND JONES

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2021.12.03 20:03 dazzledvulture European take on the infamous Recep İvedik

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2021.12.03 20:03 Bill_Hodges_1492 Do I really need a skim coat over Thin skin? I’m putting TS directly over concrete, can I not skip the step of thin layer of thin set over thin skin and just glue down TS and tile directly over it?

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2021.12.03 20:03 Pumpkin_Infusion Tips for beating 10-20? Whenever I get near the end, the boss destroys my cookies. Should I wait until I level up my cookies to level 50? I currently use red velvet as my lead for stubborn enemies.

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2021.12.03 20:03 owter12 1.4k Volume on GME $950 Strike January 21, 2022 calls with 36k OI

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2021.12.03 20:03 International-Exam88 91 hf crx no tact, fuel gauge, blinkers, or temp gauge.

Hey folks I'm stumped. I recently B20 swapped my crx and my cluster worked just fine before the swap. Since I put the B20 in I've lost my tact, my fuel gauge and my temp gauge. Speed sensor is working just fine. Additionally the turn signals stopped working but the hazards work just fine.
I've checked and double checked my grounds and my fuses. I did not replace the blinker relay yet since it worked just fine before.
Any help or ideas is greatly appreciated.
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2021.12.03 20:03 Xaraphena Newest Editions: Wrapped and Displayed!

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2021.12.03 20:03 Wide-Worldliness3269 WTB Spirit Monarch offer Pul

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2021.12.03 20:03 procryptoclass Calls For Tesla To Resume Bitcoin Payments As Mining Reaches 57% Renewable Energy

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2021.12.03 20:03 jazzhead82 DLC

I think I saw somewhere that there's a Blood Dragon package. Has anyone here seen or downloaded it?
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