[Vostok] Messing around with some vostok parts

2021.12.03 18:48 dmesterly [Vostok] Messing around with some vostok parts

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2021.12.03 18:48 gschico Video Description

Not sure if anyone else has noticed but he just copy and pastedt the description from "the first guy who burped"' as seen by the ending of it saying "in this video I burp". Also note that he did delete the line of the description that says SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST and links to it. Which means he went out of his way to scrub it. Guess this is goodbye boys. I'll miss you.
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2021.12.03 18:48 hersheyhun PT Encouragement Tips?

My mother doesn’t want to do her PT exercises, she thinks since she started doing them her stroke arm has gotten worse. And now she believes her pain is coming from something neurological, I try and encourage her but I get yelled at and get called the worst things possible. Any tips that could help me?
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2021.12.03 18:48 slothmeister Little vampire Soot Sprite

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2021.12.03 18:48 TikzZ08 [Xbox] [H] List [W] Credits

Golden Crates Painted Exotic Wheels💛
Gk Fg Creeper - 310●
Aviator Sb Equalizer - 360●
Aviator Orange Centro - 210●
Saff Centro - 260●
Victor Bs Centro - 360●
Scorer Saff Chrono - 260●
Crimson Chrono - 260●
Guardian Bs Reactor - 260●
Aviator Grey REEVRB - 210●
Bs REEVRB - 160●
Fg REEVRB - 260●
Guardian Orange Roulettes - 210●
Pink Roulettes - 160●
Bs Roulettes - 160●
Sb Wonderment - 360●
Gk Purple Photon - 360●
Tact Sb Fgsp - 160●
Crim Fgsp - 160●
Bs Fgsp - 160●
Painted Imports (ask me for Crate)❤
Acrobat Lime Comet - 70●
Gk Fg Comet - 80●
Juggler Pink Comet - 70●
Paragon Bs Comet - 40●
Victor Crim Comet - 260●
Tw Comet - 360●
Cb Comet - 70●
Grey Comet - 160●
Blk Comet - 130●
Orange Comet - 80●
Saff Comet - 80●
Purple Comet - 130●
Acrobat Sb Enchanter - 130●
Scorer Grey Enchanter - 130●
Juggler Crim Enchanter - 130●
Playmaker Blk Enchanter - 260●
Paragon Tw Enchanter - 360●
Lime Enchanter - 80●
Grey Enchanter - 130●
Orange Enchanter - 80●
Pink Enchanter - 130●
Saff Enchanter - 130●
Bs Enchanter - 80●
Fg Enchanter - 130●
Purple Enchanter - 130●
Victor Bs Flamethrower - 80●
Orange Flamethrower - 210●
Acrobat Crim Proton - 260●
Tw Breakout - 560●
Lime Breakout - 110●
Grey Breakout - 210●
Tw Hotshot - 360●
Saff Hotshot - 130●
Fg Paladin - 80●
Purple Paladin - 130●
Aviator Saff Endo - 160●
ScoreGk Fg Endo - 160●
Show-off Orange Endo - 210●
Gk Tw Endo - 460●
Gk Sb Endo - 260●
Cb Endo - 260●
Grey Endo - 310●
Blk Endo - 2000●
Crim Endo - 360●
Pink Endo - 260●
Bs Endo - 80●
Purple Endo - 260●
Saff Samurai - 160●
Fg Sentinel - 210●
Lime Kyrios - 60●
Grey Libertine - 60●
Painted Very Rares (ask me for crate)💙
Aviator Tw Hexphase - 260●
Scorer Saff Hexphase - 90●
Sb Hexphase - 130●
Lime Hexphase - 60●
Cb Hexphase - 60●
Grey Hexphase - 60●
Blk Hexphase - 260●
Orange Hexphase - 70●
Crim Hexphase - 130●
Pink Hexphase - 70●
Bs Hexphase - 60●
Fg Hexphase - 60●
Purple Hexphase - 60●
Pcc Chakram Set - 1500●
Fsl-B Set Minus Purple - 2000●
Gaiden Set - offer, hard to build●
Masato Set - offer, hard to build●
Nipper Set - offer, hard to build●
Yamane Set - 2700●
Sb Falco - 70●
Lime Falco - 60●
Blk Falco - 250●
Orange Falco - 60●
Pink Falco - 60●
Saff Falco - 60●
Bs Falco - 60●
Fg Falco - 60●
Purple Falco - 60●
Tw invader - 130●
Sb invader - 70●
Cb invader - 60●
Blk invader - 360●
Orange invader - 60●
Crim invader - 70●
Pink invader - 60●
Saff invader - 60●
Fg invader - 70●
Purple invader - 60●
Tw oem - 260●
Sb oem - 90●
Grey oem - 130●
Orange oem - 80●
Crim oem - 130●
Pink oem - 130●
Saff oem - 90●
Fg oem - 130●
Purple oem - 70●
Sb Stern - 90●
Cb Stern - 60●
Grey Stern - 70●
Blk Stern - 1000●
Pink Stern - 70●
Purple Stern - 70●
Tw Vortex - 210●
Cb Vortex - 60●
Grey Vortex - 130●
Blk Vortex - 460●
Pink Vortex - 210●
Saff Vortex - 60●
Bs Vortex - 60●
Fg Vortex - 80●
Purple Vortex - 60●
Fg EKG-OMG - 130●
Blk Lightspeed - 460●
Fg Zigzag - 260●
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2021.12.03 18:48 Biglantern468 “课本上说:不积极交税的人道德低下”——是洗脑吗?

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2021.12.03 18:48 Antique-Ad-3538 Help with toxic people and toxic habits

So two years ago I had a falling out and domestic violence incident with my ex husband. I made a TikTok about it today and he liked it so I blocked him. I also blocked two more exes this week that tried to reach out. Is there anything I can do though to get their energy out of my head and surroundings?
I’m easily affected by this and don’t want to be. Any help would be amazing.
I deal with anxiety and am sentimental (obviously) I’m here
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2021.12.03 18:48 slomolomo Mega Steelix 2000 2128 6451

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2021.12.03 18:48 FinnrDrake Crushed Leaf

Hey! Just a few quick questions about crushed kratom leaf. I went to my normal spot to get more kratom, and she had crushed leaf today also. I bought 10 grams, and it was about 85% cheaper than the powder. First question, is 10grams of crushed leaf not = to 10 grams of powder? Second question, for the tea made from crushed leaf, do I keep my dose the same? Thanks for any help!
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2021.12.03 18:48 saturnmoon89 Tom Holland Isn't Tall Enough To Catch Zendaya | The Graham Norton Show

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2021.12.03 18:48 amesydragon Jellyfish have more complicated mental lives than we imagined. A new study in Cell used transgenic jellies to probe nervous system function, and found a surprising degree of organization for a critter without a brain.

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2021.12.03 18:48 Hopeful-Impact-2252 When Did you first realize you have Daddy issuse?

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2021.12.03 18:48 ObliterAsian Just kinda sad (vent)

Alhamdulillah I am alive and capable of worshipping Allah.
3 days ago I had an orthadondist appointment, they were just going to tighten the brace - this is very painful but dies down after a week. After coming home, my face started swelling and mouth because very sore. A day after that the gums on my front 2 teeth were loose enough to peel off and everytime I closed my mouth, pus and blood would leak out and everytime I opened my mouth my entire face ached. Literally I was just swallowing this traqh all day. My entire mouth and nose swelled up (all of my sister's kept saying I looked like the Asian Dr suse cat in the hat)
I went to the orthadondist this morning and they said it's a dental thing and they think it's a bacterial infection. I went to the dentist In the eavning (Alhamdulillah it was the same day - will explain later. Alhamdulillah my country doesn't charge for this for under 18s)
The dentist said that it's a bad infection and It was super lucky i went that day. He said that there were 2 possible infections. A gum infection which could be fixed in a week with some tablets or a tooth infection that would require a few operations over a few weeks. Turns out I have both. A tooth infection that spread to my face and gums.
He had to do the most painful surgery I had felt in my life and I was hit by a car when I was a child. He injected a stupid amount of fluid into my gums (I literally pushed my into the seat so hard I thought it was going to break) and he drilled a hole straight through my tooth into the nerve so he could needle some substance to help it. Then he stuffed the hole with a cotton wool ball and filled the hole at the front and back with a thin filling (he said it is likely that the puss and blood would build up pressure and pop it off). He told me this:
There is a likely chance that my teeth will discolour and turn brown and when I'm 18 I can pay a stupid price to bleach the teeth from the inside to whiten them. He also said it's possible that my front teeth would have to be removed and I could pay for them to 'bridge' the gap (he didn't explain but I assume it means moving other teeth into the empty space. Or he said I could pay for a fake tooth to be put in. I'm just so sad that there is a decent chance that I'm going to be missing my front teeth because I cannot afford to pay for anything to be done (these surgery's are only open for over 18s).
Alhamdulillah the pain has kind of died down but my mouth is still super swollen. Please make dua that the next operation will be fine (I would give anything I own to never have to take an oral injection again but I have to do that a few more times now). This came out of nowhere, the dentist said my oral hygiene was very good (Alhamdulillah) but I know it came from Allah.
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2021.12.03 18:48 bownt1 Change Rules Everything Around Me

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2021.12.03 18:48 Becausly Where to start with my 7 year old?

Hey guys
My 7 year old daughter started collecting Pokémon cards earlier this year and unti now she didnt have an interest in actually playing the game that changed and she wants to learn and play the game.
I know how to play but my question would be what product should i buy for the 2 of us to have atleast somewhat equally good decks?
I dont really care for the value of the Decks or how competetive they might be Just something fun and balanced for the 2 of us
Thank you in advance for your suggestions!
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2021.12.03 18:48 Youknowwhoiam_fr I NEVER THANKED YOU FOR GIVING ME A SECOND CHANCE

I almost lost you. Too comfortable with being a shitty partner, I almost walked away. And if I had, I would’ve made the worst mistake of my life.
I sat on those steps ready to walk away, ready to throw in the towel. All this time I gave myself all the credit—saying I gave YOU a second chance by staying. But truth is, you took attempt to breakup as a chance to put in work. YOU FOUGHT for us. What I didn’t realize or refused to believe at the time, was that I too, had shit to work on.
I never forgave you; I never moved on from the trivial arguments/fights that happened early on in our relationship. Which made the heaviest arguments/fights feel impossible to work through with you. I didn’t listen to you in the moments you struggled to recognize yourself and wanted to hurt from all the shit you pulled during your manic episodes. And someday I’ll forgive myself for wishing that upon you. But for now I’m grateful. Grateful that you gave me another chance.
And, if I left that night I would have never had the chance to love you forever. I wouldn’t have realized what parts of me needed nurturing to be a better partner for you. Thank you for fighting for us. I never thanked you for giving me a second chance.
12.3.21 today I get to look back on all of this, with you as my wife.
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2021.12.03 18:48 imabrachiopod HELP! Burnt popcorn in my Scanpan, & can't get the burnt off!!

Hey Reddit, I made popcorn in my Scanpan pot, let it all sit just a hair too long(probably had the temp too high), and some of it got burnt, leaving black residue on the bottom of the pot. I've tried like hell to scrub it off, but some of it won't budge. It's a ceramic-titanium pot, CTQ K03 model, which I can't find much specific info about online. Any suggestions as to how to get the black stuff off will be tremendously helpful. Thank you!
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2021.12.03 18:48 Ok-Assignment4777 Can I mention some areas of dysphoria I haven’t heard others talk about? And is this valid?

Skin tone Hair texture and color Ears Having a mental illness that’s widely diagnosed in your assigned gender but rarely otherwise Having an interest that’s very popular for your assigned sex *having a lot of siblings but being born the only one of the “opposite sex” *How race plays into how your gender is validated (what I’ve seen for black people and I really can’t say I’ve seen this for other races, the idea of androgyny doesn’t really exist) *Bonus - is there androgyny outside of vaguely male? *transitioning and then explaining why you date the same gender you transitioned to If this is an anyway offensive I will delete it immediately I don’t want to cause harm or trigger others.
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2021.12.03 18:48 h0memadedynamite How to get closer to a friend who likes to "go along with things" rather than initiate?

So long story short, I (24F) have a coworker (28F) who I really get along with whom I see 3 days out of the week at work. We joke around and have a good time at work and it's clear we both enjoy each other's company. I currently don't have a lot of friends at this point in my life, so lately I've been wanting to get closer to her. Unfortunately we work on a project with very few people so we're pretty much the only people in our age range and there aren't any group outings at work really. I have suggested a few outings outside of work for the two of us to do which she has happily agreed to tag along to; first we went to the cider mill and then a couple weeks later we got coffee. I initiated both of those things outside of work and also drove us to and from (she doesn't have a car but does have an apt in the area, while I have the opposite).
The problem is that we are both shy introverts (probably with me being the slightly more outgoing/adventurous one of us two), so doing the initiating hangouts isn't really in my nature either, I just happen to be slightly more extroverted. She is the type to kind of lock herself in her apartment over the weekend and and not mind doing completely solitary activities like reading, painting, etc., and her lack of friends doesn't seem to bother her, while I am lonely and not by choice (I like hanging out with close friends/family but just don't like parties/large gatherings). Since I initiated the first two times we hung out, I expected her to maybe suggest something she wanted us to do eventually, but she hasn't. Today I kinda joked and said that she could suggest our next outing because I've just been dragging her around places lately, and she just laughed and said she didn't mind "going along for the ride." So I'm assuming that if I want to hang out with her again outside of work, I'm going to need to initiate, but at the same time I have a limit and don't want to put in so much effort trying to get closer with her if she isn't going to meet me halfway; one-sided friendships are never fun. What should I do?
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2021.12.03 18:48 robtk12 Comment a question and I'll say something stupid

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2021.12.03 18:48 JeanJeanieBeanie Nuts causing issues??

I’m really perplexed by which foods cause issues for me. It seems like any time I eat nuts in the morning, I have a bad day. Of course, I have bad days when I don’t eat nuts, but today I started out good. No bladder pressure after I peed this morning and I slept through the night! I ate breakfast (a mixed nut bar and persimmon), and my bladder pressure kicks in shortly after and hasn’t stopped.
It honestly feels like it’s impossible to figure out what foods cause symptoms. I am already on a restricted diet because of celiac disease, lactose intolerance, and SIBO (low carb). I can’t cut out entire food groups like nuts.
Has anyone found a way to manage symptoms without having to change their diet dramatically? Nuts aren’t even on the freaking IC bad food list. I feel like all I can eat is rice, chicken, and broccoli.
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2021.12.03 18:48 Kyce_es What song do you think fits a character in the show

For me “dogs” by pink Floyd is falcone “Brain damage” by pink floyd fits riddler “We are the champions” by queen fits Gordon, what do you think?
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2021.12.03 18:47 Vaginosis-Psychosis Does Redeeming Excess Tokens Cost Less if I wait for Several Transaction to Accumulate, Instead of Doing it After Each Swap?

There is a small fee of 0.002 Algo for redeeming excess tokens after a swap. I knot's not much, but is it possible to mitigate that fee by letting excess fees accumulate and doing a "Redeem All" once you've reach the 16 limit?
In other words, will I be charged individually or for each transaction or can I get by with just a one time $0.002 Algo charge?
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2021.12.03 18:47 heisenbergsfridge How do I extend a subscription from iPhone?

I have been subscribed to this channel for 6 months and never had a problem with extending it before but I can’t find anywhere to do it. I suspect this has to do with twitch removing sub tokens for iOS devices but how do I do it now? Will I lose my sub streak?
The subscription ends on january 3rd and I have no leftover sub tokens.
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2021.12.03 18:47 DarkBrave_ [Question] I get “Error! Could not find any video in this playlist!” when trying to download a playlist on uYou+, why is this happening?

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