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They started paying us $15/hr last week..

2021.12.03 19:24 Chuggs400 They started paying us $15/hr last week..

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2021.12.03 19:24 unknown-forgotten Help with Dexcom and Apple products.

I was looking for some help. I currently use an iPhone 12 with an Apple Watch 3 and Dexcom G6 but for some reason my Sugars don’t automatically load onto my watch. I always have to force the reading to come up. When I was using all the same Apple products but a Libre and a Miao Miao it was always a current number. Am I doing something wrong?
Thank you in advance!
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2021.12.03 19:24 Tailormaker Have any of you built your own range, if so, I'd love to get details from you.

I'm looking to build myself a small outdoor shooting range. I live in Idaho, outside of a city. However, I am not so far from everyone that I'm outside the maximum theoretical range of a firearm.
I want to ensure the range is safe, so my plan is to construct an effective 20' tall berm (10' recessed, 10' tall around the edge) in a horseshoe/U shape, to enclose the shooting area. 20 ft is of course, pretty tall, so I'm also wondering if that is overkill.

I'll be hiring a construction firm, as I don't have access to the earth moving equipment for such a job(including the drainage).

Anyway, just wondering of those who have done it, how did you do it, did you need to get lawyers involved, or seek a special permit?

Of course, I am not seeking, nor will I take your replies as legal advice, I'm seeking a lawyer here to discuss it first just to make sure my understanding of the law is correct. This is just aimed at people who have built or maybe maintained an existing outdoor range.
Lastly, the area is zoned residential, and this would be a private, (me + friends and family) only range, so not a commercial venture at all.
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2021.12.03 19:24 Glamorous_Pegasus Some ideas for changes to the way air forces work, mainly focused on naval air power

With the release of No Step Back, we now have a designer related to two of the three branches of our militaries, so I thought about some elements of the air forces we use that I think are cool. However, I would like feedback on my ideas, which are split into 4 parts.
1) Floatplanes:
The idea I had for floatplanes was to have the benefit of the floatplane catapult be replace with the ability if ships with this module being able to carry a small number of floatplanes (1-4).
Floatplanes would be able to carry out minelaying, minesweeping, air superiority, close air support, naval strike, port strike, and air recon, but would be inferior to dedicated aircraft except in the scout role where they would mostly be on par with scout planes.
2) Attaching Air Wings to Task Forces
The idea here is that you would be able to attach an air wing to a task force or fleet and it would try to perform its mission in a similar manner to how it does with armies.
For ship based aircraft, they would perform their missions in the areas the task force is operating in. This would mean that carrier fighters would attempt to gain air superiority , and bombers would try to find and attack ships. If a wing isn't assigned to do anything or is not in a battle, it would join any battles the host fleet engages in.
3) Land based Naval Bombers
In past Hoi games naval bombers were considered medium aircraft, as they generally were meant to represent land based anti-ship aircraft. In Hoi 4, naval bombers are light aircraft that are closer to the anti-ship torpedo bombers carried by aircraft carriers. Thus, I propose that a new class of heavy naval bombers could be introduced.
The land based naval bombers would be medium aircraft, like tac bombers. They would have greater range, naval attack, and mine warfare abilities, but worse air-to-air combat abilities, lower naval targeting, and would be more expensive to produce.
4) Transport related matters
The most important matter related to transports in my opinion would be the need for additional models of transport with greater range. I believe this as in past games transports were considered heavy aircraft, and as such were among the longer ranger aircraft. Also, as the game progresses, the limited range of 1000km for transports could be considered insufficient.
The next two points related to transports are, in my opinion, of little relevance but I would still like to share them.
The first would be the ability to strategically redeploy unity via air transport. This probably has little value beyond the minor utility and coolness of the ability but I think it has it's merits.
The second would be an equivalent to amphibious armor and mechanized for airborne divisions. I believe that despite the great utility and power of paratroopers, they have little merit outside of their limited purpose. For amphibious armor after No Step Back, I believe it is possible to create a division that can be used well in situations outside of naval invasions. This is much more difficult with paratroopers, as after an air drop the paratroopers will likely either be lost or significantly less useful when recovered due to being composed only of paratrooper battalions. With the addition of airdroppable armor, paratrooper divisions can become useful immediately after they return to friendly lines.
Thank you for reading, and feel free to give me your feedback.
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2021.12.03 19:24 Indyfan1294 Is it me or…..

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2021.12.03 19:24 Ligma1200 Made a covenant ship for a school project

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2021.12.03 19:24 GenericSpaciesMaster PHP) having issues making a foreach loop that rolls a dice for 6 characters using rand() and does a "Charisma test" that compares their old charisma stat with the new one obtained from the dice throw

I have been stuck on this PHP problem for almost a week, the multiple values in the array are confusing me.
problem: Here is the code representing a group of four characters in an associative array whose key is the name of the character.
$characters = [ "Ganolon" => ["Strength" => 1, "Dexterity" => 2, "Intelligence" => 6, "Wisdom" => 6, "Charisma" => 5], "Cony" => ["Strength" => 5, "Dexterity" => 4, "Intelligence" => 3, "Wisdom" => 3, "Charisma" => 6], "Aegon" => ["Strength" => 6, "Dexterity" => 5, "Intelligence" => 5, "Wisdom" => 1, "Charisma" => 5], "Mountain" => ["Strength" => 1, "Dexterity" => 3, "Intelligence" => 4, "Wisdom" => 5, "Charisma" => 3] ];
From this array, write the code to do the following operations: a) Have all the characters take a Charisma test, by rolling a 6-sided dice for each character (use rand ()!)and compare the result with the character's initial Charisma attribute. If his attribute is greater than or equal to the result obtained on the dice, the character has passed the test. Generate a UL list showing each of the test results, including a message saying if the character has passed the test.
Heres what I have so far:
foreach($characters as $x => $value)

$diceThrow = rand(1,6) if($diceThrow <= ) 
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2021.12.03 19:24 Drewboy64 Any idea what this is? Was growing in soil in Maine (Acadia NP) near some pine trees on a granite mountain. I assumed it was an immature coral fungus but I'm not sure

Any idea what this is? Was growing in soil in Maine (Acadia NP) near some pine trees on a granite mountain. I assumed it was an immature coral fungus but I'm not sure submitted by Drewboy64 to mycology [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 19:24 The-Other-Dan TJ Warren (foot) to miss at least another month.

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2021.12.03 19:24 Dodoodoodoodo Benson Henderson hits a filthy Peekout on Rustam Khabilov

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2021.12.03 19:24 sheeb0s [for hire] commissions are open! a digital artist is in need for work

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2021.12.03 19:24 skert-skert_indulge Backside of an old family photograph pt. 2. I tried to get as much of the black stuff off as I could, but it damaged it a bit in the process. Any amount of translation is highly appreciated.

Backside of an old family photograph pt. 2. I tried to get as much of the black stuff off as I could, but it damaged it a bit in the process. Any amount of translation is highly appreciated. submitted by skert-skert_indulge to Kurrent [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 19:24 bulls9596 Can you utilise a LISA at all of buying with someone who has previously owned a house?

Can the whole thing be rendered useless if buying with someone who’s already owned a house?
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2021.12.03 19:24 statsthrower Murkiness at the surface of two step

I’ve always wondered why sometimes you have to stick your head about half a foot underwater before things are clear at two step. I haven’t noticed this at other spots. Is it just ocean particulate that depends on recent currents etc?
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2021.12.03 19:24 Vinyllcollector Conan Gray - Kid Krow (Target Exclusive, Vinyl)

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2021.12.03 19:24 axellionhart [art by me] Refsheet I've made to Plum the Raven

[art by me] Refsheet I've made to Plum the Raven So fun, I did to Jawbreaker89 at ychcommshes Im open for commissions, and doing a SALE
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2021.12.03 19:24 JaredDadley First time I've ever made it to a European competition group stage as a Welsh team. We got pumped, but proud we were able to score so many goals. £2.5m in the bank, onwards and upwards!

First time I've ever made it to a European competition group stage as a Welsh team. We got pumped, but proud we were able to score so many goals. £2.5m in the bank, onwards and upwards! submitted by JaredDadley to footballmanagergames [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 19:24 Kurt_At_Work Looks like robinhood turned off its own buy button LOL

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2021.12.03 19:24 steepwave Things I've learned so far from finishing a track a week (week 4)

I've started a challenge for myself to finish a track a week for the next 6 months, right now I'm in week 4. I'd like to share some things I've learned this week while making the track, to have this be kind of a journal for myself, as well as for anyone else that might care to follow along. The links to this week's and all previous tracks can be found in the daily/weekly feedback thread, as well as in my profile bio for those interested.
My goal for this week was: make a techno track from scratch.
I have a lot of unfinished ideas that I can work on, like the track from last week, it was an idea that I had months before. But I wanted to work on something new this week to keep my confidence up, to know that I can start from zero and work to finish within the week. The idea generation part took me about 2 hours this time around. I tried maybe 5 or 6 different combinations of basslines and melodies that I didn't like, before I ended up with the current idea. Once an idea stuck and I found a direction, it became more of a technical process than a creative process. The rest of the week, and maybe 30-40 hours of total time spent on the track was to honor the initial 2-hour sketch.
I was able to pay attention this week to how I was feeling while I was making the track, and I discovered that from start to finish, I felt happy / excited for a total of maybe 15 minutes on three occasions. I felt happy and excited - 1. when I first found an idea that I liked, and knew I had a direction; 2. when I started to get a glimpse of the final form of the song, knowing the finish line was near; and 3. when I finally bounced out the file and knew I had finished another track in a week; regardless of good or bad, it is finished. That's all, just about 15 minutes of joy lol. The rest of the days was just work, doing what I needed to do to finish the task. I would go through peaks and valleys, sometimes I'd dislike the whole thing. I think I panicked on Tuesday and Wednesday, not knowing if I can actually finish it by Friday, and there was a lot of procrastination in between, I mean a lot. Honestly if I added up all the procrastination time, I probably could have finished another track lol. I often struggle with the notion of inspiration, but the last month has taught me that for me at least, inspiration only accounts for maybe a couple of hours in the beginning, while trying to find an idea. This part can be daunting but also fun, due to its uncertain and experimental nature. But once I've got the idea, the rest of it was more like work, just following a process. It's mostly finding the right sounds and making them fit in the track, trying to make it as good as possible at my current skill level, which takes not talent or inspiration, but only time and practice.
Having a notepad on the desk has helped me a lot. Many times during the process, I'd have these deer-in-the-headlight kind of moments where I'm just stuck looping what I have over and over, not really moving on to the next thing, like hitting a mini plateau if you will. The more time I spend listening to the same loop over and over, the less objectivity I will have towards the content of the sound and the melody. The good parts will start sounding less good, and the bad parts will start sounding less bad. Sometimes I find myself replaying the same part over and over, imagining how great it'll sound once I have it all polished; an hour, two hours would go by, and I'm still just jamming and mindlessly tweaking small things, not really moving forward. If I'm able to catch myself doing this, I'll get up and do something else. I'll come back later, and without playing the track, I'll put pen to paper, write down what I need to work on next. It's kind of like giving my brain an order to follow. Otherwise, I'd be adding an EQ here, changing a preset there, before I know it, hours would go by without me having made any real progress. So, I'll write down the objective and the time frame, like "drums, 2 hours". For the next 2 hours, I'll try to put all my focus on drums and nothing else. At least that's the goal.
If I spend too long on a sound, and I can't find the right one, I can start getting frustrated. The initial high of creating has now worn off, and I'm starting to get irritated. It's one of the worst feelings when you've spent a couple of hours, doing what you thought was actually focused work, but end up having gotten nowhere at all; sometimes I feel like I'm even going backwards. But I need to remind myself to get my attitude right, that this is just another hurdle. Sometimes you get a lucky break, sometimes it takes more digging and more finesse. Just another problem to solve, it is what it is. Remind myself that I AM going to the finish line, and this problem WILL be solved one way or another.
In this particular track, I had a hard time writing drums. It took me forever to find the right sounds, and I spent hours editing loops that I just ended up trashing. I never realized how big of a part drums played in techno tracks, since it's mostly devoid of melodies and vocals, that it's actually pretty hard to keep it interesting with just drums and bass. Drums is one of those things where if you're listening to a professional track, unless you're a drummer or something, you normally don’t notice all the little details like the hats and percussions, but if it's lacking, something will sound off right away. You can't overdo it either, too little sounds bad, but too much also sounds bad. I also used to be deathly afraid of kicks. I find it really annoying how mixing the kick is such a thing, you would think that with ALL these sample packs nowadays with these huge kicks, that you can just drag one in and be good. But no, it's actually a thing to get the kick sitting right in your track. Again, to me, it's one of those things where if you do it right, the listener wouldn't really notice it, it'll sound natural. But if you do it wrong, it'll be obvious right away that the track is off. You've never heard a regular listener say, God I just can't get enough of that kick in that Daft Punk song or whatever. Moral of the story, drums is a thing lol.
Thanks to everyone for your replies and feedback from last week, I expected maybe 1 or 2 people at most to read these long ass posts, but your replies give me reasons beyond myself to keep going on this journey. I think I'll have something cheesy for next week, I had this idea I worked on before that I'd like to finish, so for anyone interested, you can potentially expect some cheese next week.
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2021.12.03 19:24 ComiX-Fan Kingpin's dark vision for the Marvel Universe comes to fruition in Devil's Reign

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2021.12.03 19:24 bezlebuth meet gromit (also known as moss), the new addition to our fuzzy little family!^^

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2021.12.03 19:24 redit202 Daily Vocabulary.com Taking Insult Word of the Day - December 03, 2021

Taking Insult Word of the Day: umbrage This old word has a history of meanings but these days it doesn't occur much outside of the phrase "take umbrage," which means "be offended." It originally meant "shade" and shares an ancestor with adumbrate, penumbra, and umbrella.
Read more about umbrage...
Recent news from our blog:

Words define us. SM
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2021.12.03 19:24 Murb96 When I die

make sure Althea is played at my funeral.
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2021.12.03 19:24 anonymous12205 How to make friends with other introverts?

I’m an introvert with some ambivert tendencies, e.g. I’ll initiate a conversation but I rely on the other person to keep it going. I can keep going with social interaction for a good few hours, but when I get home the exhaustion really kicks in. Alone is my default.
Anyway, there’s some people who are more introverted than me who I think I could be good friends with, but the problem is that we can’t really get to know each other because neither of us knows how to do a conversing. There’s also this one girl who I usually at least greet but she does the “if I stand really still and don’t say anything, I’ll turn invisible” thing (and it works on the extroverts in the room) so I’m not sure if she wants me calling attention to her existence.
I’ve been trying to learn some basic conversation skills but it’s still not getting me very far. Any suggestions?
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2021.12.03 19:24 Majo1118 I hate single mothers

I'm still a teen but I really dislike single mothers, my mom is a single mother and I just don’t understand how there so many phrases to praise moms just for being single moms, I don’t get it, sure, they work harder to be both mommy and daddy and stuff but they decided to be it, I don’t think my mom was a greaaaat mom when I was little, she wasn't bad but I still believe she didn’t have that maternal instict and would often yell, ignore me, she thought you could cope with both mom and dad paper and that I would never want a dad but I dont believe so.
I have always wanted a dad, and not even my mom, uncles or mom's ex boyfriend could fill that rol, I have wanted to meet my dad for so long I have even asked me mom to please let me meet him but she doesn’t want to and has always gotten defensive and evasive when I ask about him.
I want a dad so badly, I also want to have that bond, I miss him so much even tho I have never met him. I'm sorry to my mom and single moms because I also know my mom has done a lot for me but I just wish my dad would come to care for me.
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