Made this very jeff the killer-esque mini rather quickly using the_panman103’s pose(Nsfw because:blood)

2021.12.03 18:53 Ithinkdinosarecool Made this very jeff the killer-esque mini rather quickly using the_panman103’s pose(Nsfw because:blood)

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2021.12.03 18:53 nativenuggets ALRIGHT!!! My fellow youtuber friend (claw kicker) told me that if I reach 50k subscribers by the end of 2022 he would give me a Sony a7III camera!!! I currently have 1k and am asking you all for help!! It would be GREATLY appreciated if you could subscribe and show some love to the channel! ;D

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2021.12.03 18:53 getinthecamry LG vs. Miele Washer/Dryer

I’m in need of washer / dryer combo with a ventless dryer, and I can’t decide if I should get a Miele or this LG set that seems to be more readily available. At first I was really excited about the Miele units, but they seem to be out of stock most places, and the places that do have them in stock have been so rude. Further, I have had a hell of a time interacting with Miele customer service when trying to get some basic questions answered about their products. LG won’t be any better on the customer service front, I know, but for some reason it feels safer. Also, I kind of wanted a stainless steel or graphite set (the LG comes in this color), but maybe that’s not really worth focusing on.
Any thoughts? I think I will end up getting the Miele WXF 660 WCS/TXI680WP if I go that route.
Thanks for your advice!
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2021.12.03 18:53 Dousenglover If a guy complains about the cost of the date, is this a red flag?

First, I (26F) want to conclude that I’m more than happy to pay my part of the meal. What rubs me wrong was when a guy complains about the cost of the meal AFTER he insisted on paying for it.
I ran into one date that did exactly that, he (25M) rented a Porsche sports car ( it’s apparently expensive, because a lot people were glaring at his car as I was sitting low to my butt low down hitting the floor in the car). I called him out in a subtle way on the date, that a regular car would be perfectly fine. The dinner went well, we got some coffee afterwards.
Long story short, on the second date he basically sees me not kissing on him and he got really handsy on the second date, and I of course got uncomfortable . Than he bought up how much he paid for the first date( it was around $150 I think). I was like, oh do you have venmo? I can Venmo you half. And he declined my Venmo.
And we ended badly because third date he kept on insisting to go into my house, and pressuring me for “more” after asking for a kiss.
And this made me think of my abusive ex boyfriend, I remembered him telling me on the first date me and him had in the sushi restaurant. He went into the bathroom in the middle and complained to both of his friend how expensive the meal was. And I was like, why didn’t you say anything? And he said it’s fine. And in the beginning we both see it as a joke and didn’t think much of it.
And I was wondering if everyone else sees it as a red flag too?
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2021.12.03 18:53 ReverieKitchen Let's keep the pressure on over the weekend and next week! We do not let up, keep pressing!

Theme song:
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2021.12.03 18:53 menene93 What is your hobby? How did you get into it?

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2021.12.03 18:53 uknpoet Regarding Dividends/Distributions of Unsupported Stocks -- Legality?

I hold a handful of CEFs in my accounts for income. Four of them just got the unsupported on M1 notice. I just received this message from M1 support about the distributions going forward.
"Since the securities MIN, CIF, DHY, and CIK are no longer trading on the exchange, they can be removed from your pie. You will no longer receive distributions from those securities or be able to buy more, but you are able to liquidate those shares if the company still trades."
Please keep in mind that these four CEFs are still active on the NYSE. Also, keep in mind that Apex currently holds my shares of these funds as a custodian. I make about $20/month off these four positions (that are still actively paying distributions).
1)How is this not robbery?
2) Also, if I liquidate the positions, what is any guarantee that M1/Apex won't just make up their own market price at the point of sale (since they consider them unsupported)?
This kinda stinks of fraud... But I am not a who knows...
Just thought I would pass this along.
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2021.12.03 18:53 dumnem dark harvest test dh/dh dh 'dh'

testing dark harvest dh don't upvote will be deleted in 1 minute
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2021.12.03 18:53 jobsinanywhere When are the mobile and physical release dates for the GTA Trilogy?

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2021.12.03 18:53 dirtymistressesclub best fish and chips pls!

budget friendly would be great :)
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2021.12.03 18:53 HotBus3942 (Alert). IMF Warns Of ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. Fed. Warns Of INFLATION SHOCK. ...

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2021.12.03 18:53 FloppyTheUnderdog Safest way to remotely store pass (password store) data

I want to have my pass data accessible for multiple devices, wo I can update and synchronize the data for all devices.
The passwords are secured by pgp encryption. The problem is, is that the files in which they are stored are named after where they are used, and the names of the files are unencrypted. Having these exposed will expose where I am signed up, and in my opinion this is the biggest weakness of pass. So it is in my interest to keep those secret.
I know that there is pass tomb, but this setup does not really work for Android.
So I am considering the following options.

  1. Make a private repository on GitLab
  2. Host the repository on a server accessible by ssh.
Option 2 might seem safer than option 1, but I am also thinking that due to user error, it could be easier to screw things up when self hosting, and GitLab are professionals.
Another thing to consider if I choose option 2 is if I should just create a seperate password-store user that only has that repository in the home folder, or if I should host a git server.
I am also considering to host a Bitwarden server. It doesn't have the previously mentioned problems, and the Firefox addon is a bit nicer to use, and it has a few nice other features. But what I don't like is that it is not really useable for offline use, and the rofi integrations I have seen are not as nice as the ones I have seen for pass. I also just like the simplicity of pass. It also seems more future proof: I can still easily decrypt pass files if I find them in 20 years. It just relies on pgp encryption. Feel free to convince me to use Bitwarden.
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2021.12.03 18:53 Carmichael2121 Do I need an ai

I’ve been on test now for about 6 weeks. Definitely stronger in the gym…I’m getting bigger…starting to look like I shop in the little kids section lol…. my libido is up too….one problem…..I still don’t have a lot of energy. I sleep a lot…..I do work 45 hours a week and I’m pretty tired once I get home. I usually need an hour nap and then sometimes I can hit the gym….but from low T to now my energy levels have stayed the same….and I remember a few years ago when my T was fine I was never this tired….I used to work then come home and do more chores or always have time n energy to workout… can this be a sign of too much estrogen? Maybe?
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2021.12.03 18:53 TigerzLuck Zekrom legendary raid

Adding first 10 6370 9480 3175
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2021.12.03 18:53 Nifan1010 Any advice on how to make the urges less strong

I almost failed luckily i caught myself
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2021.12.03 18:53 DCEUrocks222 PSA from Rodney and Nayte #bromance 😂

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2021.12.03 18:53 Tvdiet101 Should I keep Azumarill in Emerald?

So for once I’m not using swampert in Emerald so I needed a water type with a decent water move to help with Flannery and I saw that Azumarill learns Bubble beam.
Im not planning to keep it after the fight cause I was planning on replacing it with Sharpedo once I Got the good rod to catch a carvannah but I Have been VERY impressed with it especially since the marill I caught has Huge power
So what are your thoughts should I just keep it or replace after the Fifth gym like I originally planned
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2021.12.03 18:53 Exact-Camp-5280 What messed up work memories are coming back to you now?

The momentum of this movement has caused me to recall some really terrible memories from early in my career when workplace abuse and employee mistreatment wasn’t talked about to the extent it is now.
For instance, as my first job in high school, I worked as a tutor at a center. The owner was awful. She made me come up with lesson plans when I was off the clock, sent me harassing texts at 2 a.m. because she was upset I wouldn’t be working ON MY GRADUATION DAY, and tried to get me to lie to the parents whose children I was tutoring that I was older than I actually was.
It’s beyond time for a systemic reckoning.
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2021.12.03 18:53 bbthrowaway8675 Pregnant (25F) with exs (23M) kid. He said he would support, week later he said he wants nothing to do with it.

I'm 2 months along. I went back and forth between abortion and keeping the baby. I decided I would keep it. A week ago, I told him my decision and he told me he was scared, but he loved me and was excited for a kid.
This week, I asked if we could talk about what we should do. He told me he said he wanted the kid and loved me because he was panicked, he then said that he "wants nothing to do with me or the child" and has quit communicating altogether.
With this news, I'm going to be moving 5 hours away to where my retired family members are. I would have a house I could live in, be able to make a nursery, have 4 people who could watch my kid if I worked/went to nursing school.
I just dont know how to register this 180. He told me his friends told him his life is over, etc. I'm hoping he comes around, otherwise my kid is going to grow up without a father.
The advice I'm looking for is, is this shock? Is there any predictable way to know if he will come around?
Either way, I have my father, his girlfriend, my aunt, her boyfriend, all reassuring me this baby will be loved.
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2021.12.03 18:53 heinz1773 RE7 MADHOUSE! HELP!

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2021.12.03 18:53 recklessdemon Can't say I disagree with any of the comments disparaging the country

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2021.12.03 18:53 fireboy666436 Will RLSS ever get the feature of ‘equip to blue’ and ‘equip to orange’ in the garage?

This feature is already available in Rocket League and it is useful for customising cars.
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2021.12.03 18:53 IrishJesusDude Seeing a load of duplicate posts, RIF bug or reddit bug?

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2021.12.03 18:53 Cookie1941 Manifesting on a time crunch…

So I want to manifest my SP contacting me by Monday. I’ve heard a lot of ppl say that manifesting on a time crunch is easy and I believe I can do it I just want to make sure I can get all the advice I need.
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2021.12.03 18:53 SentenceLast9516 Far cry 5 infamous reward issue

So I've only beaten the game once and then rolled my save back to play the second ending and that was on normal difficulty. I saw that the reward for infamous was the rook outfit. I already have the rook outfit and I do not have the achievement for beating the game on infamous. Thoughts??
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