Does anyone know any wireless headsets that'll work on both Series X and PS5?

2021.10.24 03:23 gimpy_72 Does anyone know any wireless headsets that'll work on both Series X and PS5?

I would really appreciate some direction cus I'm not that versed in headsets
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2021.10.24 03:23 gagan1992 Bitgame-Blockchain Licensed Betting Platform

I believe that Connect is a very nice project and took the attention of many peoples in the future, a road map showing good potential and will successful definitely, I am happy to be a part of it
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2021.10.24 03:23 shakinit4jezuz Daily Walgreens Radio Song #43- Nobody Like You by Kaskade

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2021.10.24 03:23 spadeclaw My doctor said that more suger in blood is bad for my health.

So l'm drinking it with lemon and ice nowadays.
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2021.10.24 03:23 Bill0327 Feeling pretty dysphoric lately gender affirming comments would be awesome.

My name is bayley (she/they) and I don't get to hear my name and pronouns often so it would be awesome to see them written down
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2021.10.24 03:23 unrulypickle TIL the technical word for hiccup is singultus

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2021.10.24 03:23 Lord_Faarquad_ Equinox - Warzone Montage #4

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2021.10.24 03:23 SwoopdiW00P Please help!

Spent entire life savings on turnips and its Saturday at 47 bells :(((((
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2021.10.24 03:23 AirportDepartures Were you ever able to smell yourself at first?

Maybe i do but I'm not sure. I made a thread on another account about how i didn't wash myself when I had diarrhea...maybe that's the smell others smelled or maybe it's not. Or maybe the chemical responsible was sort of nose minding you at lower levels but it wasn't at levels high enough to be noticed by others.
I mean have you actually purchased the chemical indole and noticed whether it smells like your poop? Obviously don't try to smell your poop, you might get it in your nise.
Anyways on an unrelated topic, maybe TMAu is sort of a blessing for others in the times of covid, ie maybe it forces you to sort of socially distance, i don't know. It has downsides obviously i know from personal experience. Also, we isn't TMAu most frequent in Blacks? Maybe it's due to the inequality, etc they face. I mean it's either caused by genetic or environmental factors.
Maybe even spiritual or supernatural factors, in my case. I used to have reactions far away but now realized they're voices. I didn't hear voices and now i do, i wonder what's next. I'm a little scared.
I'm a mestizo - dark skinned Hispanic fwd and light skin bed Hispanic mom. Didn't the first PATM study come from Japan? I wonder if PATM is more common among Japanese?
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2021.10.24 03:23 leafypurpletree Binge icu

Not what I expected. Have struggled off and on but went years without before any drinks before this year. Then soooo much went wrong and i messed up.
Binging for 2 weeks with the last week yo to a bottle of vodka a day. Never thought it would be this drastic, but ketoacidosis (not diabetic) heart acting crazy, 3 lines in me and soooo many fluids , maybe 10? What a disaster. I never knew it could be so bad so quickly
I’m in icu because I need more monitoring
This all sucks, I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my life
Learn from me, thinks can escalate so quickly, get to the hospital ASAP .
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2021.10.24 03:23 Jesuscan23 Mixing Sprinkles

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2021.10.24 03:23 detektiv_Saucaki I thought we were friends Squirtle boi, but this just got personal...

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2021.10.24 03:23 blue_bayou_blue Seems legit

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2021.10.24 03:23 FrostyKnife003 [3] Spent a fair bit of October doing some hunting in Cerulean Cave and the luck has been ridiculous. Shiny Golbat, Kadabra and Ditto (the main target) after only 25, 593 and 1853 REs respectively!

[3] Spent a fair bit of October doing some hunting in Cerulean Cave and the luck has been ridiculous. Shiny Golbat, Kadabra and Ditto (the main target) after only 25, 593 and 1853 REs respectively! submitted by FrostyKnife003 to ShinyPokemon [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 03:23 Faraday9999 [homemade] hash smoke, bacon(homecured) and rum shooter

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2021.10.24 03:23 Sally019 Spring 2022 Schedule Advice (thank you!

math 54, cs 61a, psych 1, anthro 2ac
math 54, cs 88, psych 1, anthro 2ac
(intended major is data science and probably psychology)
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2021.10.24 03:23 Xeloint (clever title goes here)

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2021.10.24 03:23 Arckhunter @Arckhunter : Quote of the Day: "The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter." - Mark Twain

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2021.10.24 03:23 pingu3101 I [M27] cannot have a conversation with my wife [F27] because we don't understand each other.

This is the setup for the conversation we had just now. She is currently at her practical placement for her uni and the clinical facilitator is bullying her. She suffers from anxiety, depression, adhd, and much much more. Its the weekend now and tomorrow she is due to go to prac and she wants to write a complaint before she goes.
She asked me to help her and i said yes. I proposed the idea of the fucking letter to her. I told her 10 times that WE, me and her, would write a letter. I told her she needs to give me the talking points and i will elaborate. I asked her last night if she had started and told me she was about to.
This is the conversation we just had in the car rignt now:
Her: "Will you help me write the letter?"
Me: "Yes"
Her: "My sister (uni lecturer) has said she will look at it and fix it up for me"
Me: "that's good. She will do a much better job than me"
At that point, she automatically assumes that I have been hurt or whatever by the fact that she asked her sister to check it as well and that i dont want to help. When in fact, what i fucking meant is that after we wrote the letter, she would be able to fix it up much better than I would. So she starts justifying her asking her sister even though i agree with her.
Her: "I only asked her because she is a lecturer at a university with the same standards as the one im going to"
Me: "I know. Which is why i agreed she would be the best person to fix it"
Her: "No she won't be able to write it. She is busy, i would still need your help to write it then she would fix it"
Me: " I know... (Getting a bit frustrated because she keeps justifying something i am 100% fucking agreeing to) which is why i said its good!!)
Her:"No you didn't say that. You said she would be the best person to fix it."
Me: "I don't understand why you keep justifying something i am 100% agreeing with"
Her:" because you don't want to help anymore because i asked my sister"
Me:" thats not the fucking case, you misunderstood me and now I'm telling you what i actually meant"
Then she brings the conversation back to the beginning to show me why she thought what she thought based on my answers at the beginning and i keep telling her that she misunderstood and thats on her, not on me. The more frustrated i got the more i raised my voice, the more she was ignoring me and kept fucking going on with the same shit...
Then she turns it around on me and says that i just raise my voice to get the last word and asks if I'm happy now..
I do not know what to do anymore....
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2021.10.24 03:23 tothemoan321 New token - Due diligence

Hey WSB Apes
I stumbled on a new token that looks promising and would like to get your opinion before Aping in.
Project name:
Launch date : Sept 1 ,2021
- Smart contract audits
As per their website they aim to detect rugpulls , honeypots and scammy smart contracts using artificial intelligence. I have checked their app and it seems that the feature is already released and I was able to scan contracts. I tested a known honeypot called safugoku and it was able to detect as a honeypot.
- Pre Sale Sniper
This seems to be under development
- Limit loss , Stop loss , etc on pancakeswap and other DEXES -
still under development phase
- Swap
Not mentioned on their website . I joined their telegram and their CEO mentioned that he had issues with pancakeswap and is planning to do the same.
B.Management and Development team
As per their website and linked in profiles , They are all doxxed
CEO - Has an existing artificial intelligence consulting company called
CTO- Ex google artiificial intelligence tech lead
Head of AI - Ex IBM , Capgemini head of artifiicial intelligence.
They have formed a new company under marketmove and it has been incorporated.
C. Exchange listings
First listing on monday , Oct 25 , 2021. Name of Exchange is yet to be announced. I am waiting for this.
D. Tokenomics
- 1 Trillion
Burned on launch date: 746B
Current supply : 239B
Transactional burns for every buy and sell. 15Billion burned after 6 weeks starting sept 1.
E: Liquidity
- Liquidity is locked for 10 Years. This is another green flag for me. Devs will not be able to rug
- Audited by solidity. Audit result looks good. All passed .
F. Valuation
Launch price on PKSWAP: 0.000005 with market cap of 1m usd
Current price: 0.000025 with market cap of 5m usd
I am looking for other projects that has the same use case to compare but I am unable to find another project that uses artificial intelligence to detect rugpulls , etc. It looks like they are the first to implement this with a working product that is readily available. This is a green flag for me as most projects start without a non functioning product.
If they will push through with swap , we can compare it with pancakeswap that is currently on a 10Billion market cap. 1inch currently has 500 Million market cap and it only provides dashboards without the other use cases mentioned above.
This looks like an easy 1B minimum market cap project.
Sources :
Company website:
Yahoo finance:
Looking at their unique use case , I am convinced that it has a very big potential to be a minimum 100x token. utility is king in crypto land and their use case tells me that it is a necessity. It is like an antivirus on a desktop that every investor needs.
I am planning to buy because I think it is a gem but would like to know your thoughts as veteran crypto APES before I go all in. You might have other views that I need to consider before buying.
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2021.10.24 03:23 who-stole-the-cake Please let nux see this

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2021.10.24 03:23 MrHarback Really need help with Total War:Warhammer 2! Has become unplayable.

I bought Total War:Warhammer 2 several months back, and had enjoyed it for a while. I could run the game on ultra and run it on a AMD Ryzen 4800H, a laptop which I have found more than capable of handling nearly anything thrown at it. However after an update, one I don't particularly remember, the game has just been filled with crashes to the point it is completely unplayable. The crashes always happen after or initiating a battle, mostly after a battle that would've been a valiant defeat or otherwise. Once they initially occur, they tend to increase to the point at several times i've been even unable to launch the game. I've tried
Restarts-Validating files-Uninstalling completely-Clean uninstall with file wipes-Clean uninstall with files wiped and cloud wipes-Complete driver and system updates-Checked firewalls and tinkered with them to find nothings wrong-Tracked Task Manager, and found nothing out of the ordinary as I usually only run the game and a chrome tab or two-Uninstalling and reinstalling steam completely without any games-Checked antiviruses to no avail-Uninstalled the Blood God DLC, as I knew it had created problems,
Nothing. Nothing has worked so far. Its even began working its way into multiplayer battles. Each one works temporarily until something seems to just set it off onto a decline. I want to play the game, ive spent 60 plus every dlc( I dont regret it, 50% steam sale), but it just seems the game wont let it play it sometimes, as it'll just sit not even launching. I've tried everything and exhausted at this point, would appreciate any help!
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2021.10.24 03:23 Stock_Titan BBIG | Lomotif Welcomes its Special Guests Lil Nas X and The Kid Laroi to Electronic Daisy Carnival (EDC)

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2021.10.24 03:23 ilknurr 28% off >> $46.99 >> BlitzWolf BW-HL4 Smart Watch Banggood Coupon Promo Code [Spain Warehouse]

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2021.10.24 03:23 kousernamehastaken meme

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