bare minimum in ldr

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2021.10.24 02:36 iKoneyy bare minimum in ldr

what do you consider as the bare minimum in long distance relationship?
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2021.10.24 02:36 hu3k2 【コラム】「完全自動運転の電気自動車」という革命には「設計」の革新も必要だ | TechCrunch Japan

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2021.10.24 02:36 uzivert444 Ideal Friends/Partner mbti scores?

Pretty much the title, what are the theoretical best pairs for us ISFP and theoretical best friends?
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2021.10.24 02:36 thatcuntrygirl524 Hope you like bright hair 😜

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2021.10.24 02:36 Szlaslo All YouTube text italicized

All YouTube text italicized So, this morning, I logged onto YouTube and see that all the text is italicized. At first, I figured it was an update, but I have doubts. How do I solve this?
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2021.10.24 02:36 ABugsLife90 Insect storm!!

Yomi would be deep inside the forest of death in a meditation pose but he would be doing anything but!
The humming of his kikaichu could be heard deep in the forest sounding as if they were coming from all areas! His skin itself would be dark purple as his Rinkaichu would be active he would be balancing both with a clear mind!
if people would see him from afar they would think he’s Just meditating but the closer they happened to get they could see his purple skin and hear the loud humming!
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2021.10.24 02:36 LightningNissan Some Things to Note after the Clippers' First Two Games

Offense & Defense
The offense is very good overall, but there are some kinks of players being rusty which is natural in the beginning of the season. Mann, Batum, Reggie, and Morris have been lackluster overall, but I think that will slowly change as it is just the first two games of the season. The Clippers have some very easy games ahead, so I think they will readjust into game form.
The defense has been atrocious. They cannot guard the 3 for the life of them as Curry went off and the Grizzlies shot 41.7 % from 3. The Clippers had trouble guarding the 3 in the playoffs, so I do not think Kawhi's absence is responsible for the poor perimeter defensive. The defensive scheme needs a huge overall with Kawhi missing. Winslow may need to eat into Morris' mins to add some more perimeter defense. Defensively, PG, Mann, Batum, and Bledsoe have done great. Their defensive presence is clearly not enough, however. The best way to defend the 3PT line is not contest the shot better, but to lower the frequency of the team taking the 3. The Clippers need to funnel the players into the paint or mid range to reduce the total amount of 3PT shots shot. Faster close outs on defense will solve this.
Paul George (Pfizer P)
Paul George has been absolutely stellar so far. Honestly, I would like to see him get as many touches as possible and have a usage rate of 33 - 35 % (Curry, Harden, Luka, Embiid, Beal territory). He has to carry the offense and has done this for the past two games. PG is the one player who you cannot complain about right now, no exceptions.
The Center Predicament
Judging from what I have seen in the preseason and the Grizzlies game, I think the possibility of Hartenstein being better than Zubac could be very real. It has been a small sample size so far, but Hartenstein has been amazing. Zubac seems less and less usable in the Clippers rotations. He does not fit in the small ball lineup and is not a passer like Hartenstein. Should Hartenstein start in place of Zubac? Should be get more mins than Zubac? Should Zubac even be in the rotation? I cannot answer these questions for certain as the season just started. I think these three questions should be addressed as more games are played.
With Ibaka coming back, the center mins are going to be screwed up. Ibaka will probably act as the small ball center and will play around 24 mins a game. That leaves the other 24 mins open at center. I doubt Lue will have a center rotation involving three players, so Zubac or Hartenstein will be the odd man out. I would pay attention to the center rotation for the Clippers when Ibaka comes back.
Ibaka is going to help the Clippers defense and lock up the paint a lot more. He should be able to grab a ton of rebounds which is a big weakness of the small ball lineup. He is going to a be a critical role player and his presence will definitively help the Clippers win more games.
Does Paul George Need Help?
The answer is YES. That help would be Kawhi, but the I think the Clippers need to get Wall (via buyout) given the circumstances of Kawhi being out for an extended period of time. PG needing to drop 40 points every night on very good efficiency is going to fatigue the living shit out of him. Wall is somebody who can make plays and increase the overall flow of the offense can reduce the load of PG. Furthermore, if Wall can return to his elite defensive level, he will provide more elite perimeter defense for the Clippers (something they desperately need).
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2021.10.24 02:36 YellowPro55 Is my laptop powerful enough to run GTA online?

Hello, I currently running into a lot of framerate drops and I was questioning if my laptop was not powerful enough. Also, it is not running on the intergraded graphics and is plugged into the wall. Is it the RAM, CPU, or GPU?
Laptop: Lenovo Legion 5 15ARH05
CPU: Ryzen 5 4600
GPU: GTX 1650ti
RAM: 8GB DDR4 (single channel)
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2021.10.24 02:36 WeatherOk8472 quick advice please!

i wanna make this quick and simple to understand but i really need help right now, (i’d really appreciate reading till the end) if you have advice/thoughts, please share
i’ve been using the lesbian label for about 6 months maybe, (after identifying as bisexual for a couple of months) and recently, i’m somehow very unsure/insecure on me identifying as lesbian.
the important part: i feel completely sure on my attraction towards women. i have not a single doubt, i don’t even feel the need to get into detail cause it just feels right and genuine, just fits.
on the other hand, i have this weird thing that is just constantly on my mind, that asks me “what if you find the right man?” you know. the classic.
to clear things up;
-i do not feel like i like guys. at all. something i’m very sure on is that i’m absolutely not sexually attracted to men. but then i think, what if you aren’t sexually attracted to them, but romantically? nope. checked that too, is not really my thing either. how did i check? thinking about what i used to say/fantasize about when i was little (didn’t know i was gay yet) and it was just…blurry? i don’t even think i’ve ever actually wanted to marry a guy. i was the “i’ll never get married” kind of girl. (of course, now that i now i’m into women it’s a whole different story)
-after identifying as a lesbian i haven’t really been into fictional men nor male celebrities either, like a lot of lesbians do (since they are still not attracted to real/attainable men)
-i only consume lesbian/sapphic media and once i thought “okay what if i watch straight stuff to see what if” nope. feels off still.
-pinterest pictures. those couple goals pics? yea that feels weird too. picturing me hugging, kissing, holding hands and doing normal couple things with a guy just doesn’t feel right or good either.
-again, the marriage thing. being in a relationship with a man, whether is marriage or not, doesn’t feel good and in those several times of questioning, it just doesn’t make me feel fully happy nor comfortable.
-being around guys makes me uncomfortable and anxious, (thought this was me being nervous cause i liked every guys i saw until i started feeling like i wanted to throw up, social anxiety) when i used to think i was straight i used to get very defensive against the boys in my school. (which i know sounds wrong, i know it is by the way) i just get all bitter and weird which i still don’t understand why.
i can still go on.
there’s a part of me that still makes me question, “what if you do find the right man” but idk, is just something that i really don’t want to happen. if i’m clearly uncomfortable and cringe every time i think about being romantically (and even platonically) involved with a guy, compared to women i don’t have this constant questioning loop. being loved by a woman would be probably the most genuine-beautiful thing that will ever happen to me, and if i get into detail about it i’ll probably sound hungry for love, so let’s skip that embarrassing part.
listen, this feels like a total waste of time but this feeling just won’t go away. feels weird, i just keep questioning and invalidating myself when i know what i want, who i am and what i like and what i’m not really that interested in.
i just wanna live peacefully, man. this whole thing won’t leave me tf alone.
i asked myself a couple of times that what if i’m not letting myself like men, but even when i tried to, it’s just so…idk i feel nothing. when i try to find a kpop boy attractive (guys i would’ve been attracted to when i was little) it feels either fake or just straight up the worst acting skills ever. asked myself that what if i’m stopping myself from being attracted to men, thought of internalized biphobia/panphobia even, but the idea of me being into a guy just doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t fit.
has anyone experienced this before? and if you have, was there a reason/do you know the reason why you may have felt like this?
thank you for reading till here. that was a lot of basically the same thing but that’s exactly why my issue is even funny. like what the actual fuck are you so frustrated about.
again, any advice/thoughts/opinions/sharing if anyone feels like this too, is very much appreciated
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2021.10.24 02:36 Voidwalkerwolf Hunters need a support ability in the reworks.

I love being a hunter, it's my main. And the iconic trio in a FireFight is a sigh to behold as a Titan slides in and pops a half barricade and the warlock drops a well and then the hunter comes in with.... What? A shadow ball that makes us invisible and grants a small boost to mob, recov, and Def.
Great. One variant of one subclass. An ability outside of dodge would be great. I love the smoke, and it's a great idea but let's make it a choice now to sacrifice dodge for a buff ability choice. Same as it is and just tap that ability button to drop the smokescreen without invisibility but still buff mob, recov, and def. Still giving a one up to the smoke grenade. Heck maybe even allow it to stack with the grenade.
I just hate that hunters don't get to do much support for our fellow Guardians outside of cover fire and flaming pew pew.
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2021.10.24 02:36 A_Vespertine Madness Is Like Gravity, Part III

Chapter Three ~ Once The Rockets Are Up, Who Cares Where They Come Down?
Read Chapter One and Two first!
The inhabitants of the storm swept super-earth Ombre Hex have launched a rocket in response to the Star Sirens' arrival, proving that they are not wholly planet-bound. The Sirens must figure out how, or if, they can coexist with their new neighbours.
“It’s nuclear!” Vicillia screamed as the telemetry from their surveillance satellite sent the entire ship into a mass panic, the thermonuclear nature of the rocket being apparent to all of them. Some Sirens screeched and wept, huddling together for comfort at the prospect of their imminent demise, whereas others flew into action to arm their defenses and prepare for an emergency evacuation if necessary.
“They’re going to nuke us! They’re going to nuke us!” Vicililla screamed over and over again.
“No, they’re not!” Avokavitha insisted, grabbing hold of her and trying to shake her to her senses. “It’s one missile, millions of kilometers away. We can use our photonic arrays to deflect or incinerate it. Their tech is three hundred years behind us; we’ll be fine!”
“If they can send one nuke into space, then they can send more! A big enough volley will overwhelm our defenses, and will be vapourized!” Pomoko cried, openly weeping into her hands. “They’re going to kill us! They’re going to kill us!”
Kaliphimoa hugged her tightly, comforting her as best she could, but without taking her eyes off the telemetry on her heads-up display.
“I… I don’t think it’s a missile,” she said cautiously. “Look, it’s going into orbit! It’s not coming after us. It's only nuclear because their planet's escape velocity is too high for chemical rockets to work.”
Slowly but surely, the panic among the Sirens began to die down as others took notice of this fact. Whatever the inhabitants of Ombre Hex had shot into space, it seemed that it wasn’t coming after them just yet. Terror gave way to relief, which then gave way to existential dread as they pondered what purpose this rocket was then meant to serve.
“It could just be the first stage of a multi-stage rocket,” Vicillia said softly. “We should fall back while we have the chance; get the entire fleet on the opposite side of the sun, put as much space between us and them as –”
“It’s transmitting! They’re trying to talk to us!” Osirea shouted, the anxiety on her face slowly giving way to astonishment. “Quintessa Diva is processing the signal now.”
They all fell silent then, waiting in hushed awe to be the first members of the genus Homo to hear an alien voice.
Hello, Sirens,” a digitally synthesized voice spoke at last, the text scrolling along their AR displays annotated by the AI Quintessa Diva. “We have created a translation program based on the data you have provided. My people are those born from the ‘Great/Global/Eternal Tempest (Approximate translation of Ombre Hex)’, and I am Storm Lord ‘Wrath of the Great Tempest (Suggested translation: Odysseus)’ of Cloud-Breaker Eyrie (Likely referring to a settlement upon the highest mountain). I speak for my people, and it was I who gave the order to fire upon your vessel. However, I did so under the conceit that your vessel was uninhabited. I did not think it possible for living beings to travel across the stars. I regret any loss of life that may have occurred. I do not wish for further hostilities, but that does not mean I will tolerate any threat to the survival, flourishing, or sovereignty of my people. I know you are too weak (Sic: You were strong enough to survive the worst they could throw at you, my sweet Sirens) to walk upon our world, and even the ‘Mighty Storm Born (Their name for their people, presumably)’ are not yet mighty enough to leave it, but at no small cost we have launched this satellite to facilitate communications as a token of our goodwill. I require you to reciprocate and send a small envoy to high-orbit so that we may engage in reliable, real-time discussion. I do not have the patience for additional delayed discussion. You have my word as Storm Lord that I will not fire upon your envoy, 'without provocation (Emphasis mine)'. Hopefully, we can come to a mutually satisfactory arrangement.”
The message came to an abrupt end, leaving the Sirens slightly less panicked, but far more uncertain about their future in this strange new star system.
“We can’t send an envoy, they’ll be murdered!” an orange Siren objected fervently, to the resounding agreement of many of her sisters.
The entire complement of the Quintessa, both its original crew and the rescued Sirens from the Setembra, had gathered together in the auditorium to debate how they should respond to the Ombre Hex’s leader of Odysseus’ request for a diplomatic resolution to their dilemma. Kali, Avo, Osirea, Vicillia and Pomoko were all clustered together, arm and arm with their tails latched around a perching rod as some of the more opinionated Sirens voiced their thoughts on the matter.
“It is perfectly understandable that many of you are reluctant to take the Storm Born on their word after their attack on us,” Giallia, a ruby red member of the Quintessa’s Administrative Council replied. “But we cannot simply ignore them either. They have clearly and deliberately demonstrated that they are not wholly confined to their planet. If we do not go to them, they will eventually come to us. By accepting Odysseus’ invitation, we at least have a chance for a peaceful co-existence.”
“Why should we trust them when they don’t trust us!” a turquoise Siren demanded. “They tried to kill us on sight!”
“They would have nothing to gain by destroying a small envoy,” a silvery-white councillor by the name of Ophallo argued.
“What if they don’t want to destroy it? What if they want to take us alive to study us, or use us as hostages?” a green Siren argued. “I say we deploy defensive stealth satellites around their planet to shoot down any other rockets they send up and let them rot down there!”
Nearly the entire assembly ardently agreed with this suggestion.
“Again, we understand your reluctance to trust the Storm Born. I was aboard the Setembra during the attack!” Cysessa, a golden member of the Setembra’s administrative council, reminded them. “But our fleet is in a vulnerable position at the moment, and we know next to nothing about the Storm Born or what they’re capable of. Provoking them, even simply by ignoring them, is a risk we can’t take. Brokering a peace with the Storm Born, and learning more about them, is our best option right now. We acknowledge that there will be personal risk to whoever we send, and it’s because of that that we will not order anyone to do this. We ask if there is anyone who would be willing to volunteer for this mission.”
The assembled Sirens largely scoffed at the suggestion, murmuring and shaking their heads in disdain. To have survived the first attack, only to return willingly? Despite the council’s (And Pomoko’s) concerns, most of them remained unconvinced that the Storm Born could actually launch more rockets than they could shoot down. They had the high ground, so to speak, and that seemed like enough of an advantage for now. If any Sirens shared the council’s anxieties about the future, it wasn’t enough to make them risk death or capture by a mysterious alien foe. The council could go themselves if they were so worried.
As the seconds ticked by and no one else volunteered for the mission, Kali knew what she had to do. Letting go of the perch and her friends, she jetted over top of them where she could be clearly seen.
“I’ll do it. I volunteer,” she proclaimed loudly enough that her voice echoed throughout the auditorium. Though the council sighed with relief, the rest of the Sirens gasped and muttered in shock and confusion.
“Kali, what are you doing?” Vicillia demanded. “We experienced first hand what those savages are capable of!”
“Exactly. They’re dangerous, and we can’t just pretend that they’re not,” Kali replied. “If the council will ordain me as an ambassador empowered to negotiate on behalf of our fleet, then I will do so with honour. I will represent not only Lilovarea but all Star Sirens and even the other human races back in Sol before the Storm Born, and do everything in my power to ensure an attack like the one on the Setembra is never repeated again.”
“And on behalf of the fleet, our race, and all other human races, we thank you profusely, Kaliphimoa Koalyea Phaersephia di Lilovarea,” Giallia said, using her full formal name, which consisted of her personal name, genotype, brood and fleet. “If there is no objection from my sister councillors or Quintessa Diva, I hereby appoint you as a full ambassador of Lilovarea to the inhabitants of Ombre Hex. We’ll have one of our shuttles modified for you and then –”
“You can’t send her alone!” Avo objected, floating up to Kali’s level and protectively wrapping her arm around her.
“As has already been pointed out, this is a relatively high-risk mission, and there is no reason to risk more lives than absolutely necessary,” Cysessa explained.
“We’re Sirens! We don’t do anything alone, least of all die alone!” Avo insisted, her eyes tearing up at the mere thought of such a tragedy. “If she’s an ambassador, then she needs an entourage, doesn’t she? She won’t be able to maintain real-time contact with Lilovarea, so she’ll need a technician in case there’s a problem with the shuttle, and someone to handle the translation program. I’m qualified for both positions, and I volunteer for both!”
“Avo, what are you doing?” Kali asked, touched but very confused by Avo’s sudden valour. “I’ll manage fine on my own. You don’t have to do this.”
“I’m not going to let you take this risk alone, and you’re more likely to succeed with a team for support,” Avo insisted, squeezing her tightly.
“I’d like to volunteer as medic, as well as offer my scientific expertise for strategic analysis of the Storm Born,” Osirea announced, floating up beside them.
“That will do,” Giallia said firmly, holding up her hand in a commanding gesture. “We have one ambassador and two support members with relevant specialist skills to increase the odds of success. Thank you Avokavitha Ostrairo –”
“Wait!” Vicillia shouted, jetting upwards and pulling Pomoko with her. “We want to go too!”
“She said we have enough, Vici,” Cysessa objected. “Besides, you two work in the Arts Department. Your skills are of no use on this mission.”
“We’re her girlfriends; we’re for emotional support,” Vicillia argued.
“I have plenty of girlfriends, Vici,” Kali said defensively.
“And how many of those are offering to risk their lives coming with you?” Vicillia asked, nodding towards the crowd around them. Kali noticed multiple Sirens who she thought of as girlfriends sheepishly avert their gaze or try to recoil deeper into the crowd.
“Alright, yes, I’m sorry. You two are kind of special to me,” Kali acknowledged. “Pomoko, do you actually want to come on this mission? You don’t have to do it out of loyalty to me. If you want to stay where it’s safe, I’m fine with that. Really.”
“No, I do, Kali,” she murmured timidly, biting her lip to keep from crying. “I don’t want you to go back there alone. I love you.”
Kali gave her a sad half-smile and then drew her in for a hug, which the other three promptly joined in on.
Giallia sighed in frustration, and turned to her sister councillors to see what they thought.
“Emotional support is arguably mission-critical,” Cysessa suggested with a slightly embarrassed shrug. “I say let them go with her.”
“Very well,” Giallia huffed as she folded her arms across her chest. “It’s a good thing they’re so fond of each other, because we don’t have the time to modify a bigger shuttle.”
“Wow; she wasn’t joking,” Kali said as she floated into the cockpit of the newly designated ambassador shuttle.
As was common for Siren crafts, much of the interior was covered in a smooth, luminous, opalescent surface, capable of generating various types of photonic beams and projections on command. There was a semi-circular diamondoid window in the front, and the floors/ceilings had slightly raised ruts that they could use as perches. The clearance between them, however, was only about 1.75 meters, and the entire cockpit had a circumference of less than eight meters.
“And this is the only living area?”
“Look at it this way; if we do a good job, they’ll have to make us a proper Embassy ship, like the kind they use to receive macrogravity delegates back in Sol,” Avo remarked. “That would be pretty cool, don’t you think?”
“And the round trip to Ombre Hex is only about six hours, so we won’t be stuck in here that long,” Osirea reminded her. “Assuming everything goes… well.”
“Which it will. We wouldn’t have come if we didn’t believe in you, Kali,” Avo said, smiling and wrapping her arm around her. “You’re incredibly, inspirationally brave volunteering for this, risking your life for the good of all of us. I know I fall in love easily – most of us do, I guess – but you’re easy to fall in love with. I wouldn’t feel right counting myself among your many, many, many girlfriends if I didn’t think that bravery was valid.”
Kali rolled her eyes at the gentle barb.
“Yeah, I guess I got a little defensive when Vici implied she and Pomoko were my only girlfriends,” she admitted.
“It’s understandable. Popularity is pretty important among Sirens, but there’s nothing wrong with having best girls,” Osirea assured her. “Avo and I have been best girls on and off basically forever.”
“Yeah; same with me, Vicillia and Pomoko,” Kali nodded.
“Siren Attack!” Vicillia sang as she and Pomoko boarded the shuttle. The two of them collided with Kali and Avo in a bear hug, and the group drifted back into the padded rear wall. “Oh awesome, there are beds in here! Avo, Osirea, I’m a top when we’re doing it macrogravity style.”
“Those are technically there in case the inertial negation systems fail and we have to endure some g-forces,” Osirea pointed out. “But… there’s no reason we can’t use them for monkey business.”
“Later, you insatiable little space nymphs, later! We need to launch!” Kali laughed.
They all nodded dutifully and went to work completing the pre-flight checks. Their fleet was counting on them, and the Storm Lord Odysseus didn’t sound like someone they wanted to keep waiting.
When all was ready, their shuttle was accelerated within a photonic cyclotron, a track that ran the entire circumference of the Quintessa and propelled the shuttle around and around via optical tractor beams. Centuries worth of transhuman progress in both theoretical and applied physics enabled inertial negation through quantum vacuum manipulation, allowing the vessel to be rapidly accelerated without subjecting it or its occupants to any noticeable g-forces. When they reached the maximum speed that their fusion thrusters would be capable of decelerating them within the allotted time, they were shot out towards Ombre Hex, now millions of kilometers away.
But millions of kilometers isn’t far on an interplanetary scale, and soon Ombre Hex loomed before them once more. Its dark skies still crackled with lightning and electric auroras, but there was no sign that the laser aerostats that had destroyed the Setembra were active.
“Odysseus seems to be keeping his word,” Avo said dubiously as she reviewed the holographic readout. “I’ll let him know we’re here, then.”
“Wait, should we be calling Odysseus a ‘he’?” Kali asked. “I know he referred to himself as a lord, but the translation was obviously pretty rough.”
“Don’t worry about it. If he didn’t want to be misgendered, he should have given us more information about him and his people than one ominous message,” Avo said dismissively. “Besides, his name isn’t actually Odysseus, either. Are we supposed to care about pronouns but not proper nouns?”
“I guess that’s true,” Kali conceded. “Are you picking up the Setembra on your scans?”
“I am; the drones were successful in pulling her into a parking orbit behind one of the moons,” Avo replied. “We’ll fall back there if we have to. If they start shooting, we’re small and maneuverable enough to dodge their lasers until we can get behind the moon.”
“What about Setembra Diva?” Pomoko whimpered.
“She’s still offline, but the drones have confirmed her core is intact,” Avo reported.
“Ah, maybe I should have asked this sooner, but our Psychomes were uploaded to Quintessa Diva, right?” Vicillia asked nervously.
“Of course, as soon as you were rescued,” Avo smiled at her. “In the off chance we do die, our Psychomes will be installed onto new exocortices, which will be implanted into our genetic clones as they gestate. They’ll be part of the Lilovarea Overmind, just like we are, and so even share a bit of the same consciousness. We’ll be reborn, don’t worry.”
“Unless the Storm Born nuke the whole fleet, then only Cosmothea can save us,” Pomoko muttered, hanging her head despondently.
“Pomoko, we’re supposed to be here for emotional support, remember?” Vicillia chastised her.
“It’s alright, Vici,” Kali smiled, gently rubbing Pomoko’s back. “You’re emotional support just by being here. Osirea, anything interesting on your scans yet?”
“Plenty. Ombre Hex really is a fascinating planet,” Osirea remarked as she reviewed the data they had collected on it. “The geothermal hot-spots are the only reason it's habitable, but the temperature differential between them and the rest of the planet is what’s driving the extreme weather. The average distance between hot spots is enough that they’re essentially isolated islands, which likely means this planet’s biodiversity is extremely high relative to its sparse overall biomass. That could help explain how another civilization happened to evolve so close to Sol.
“It’s so large, but its habitable area is so small, that the Storm Born haven’t had nearly as much impact on it as you would expect for a civilization at their stage of development. Combine that with the constant cloud cover and geomagnetic interference, and it’s no wonder we couldn’t detect them until we were basically right on top of them.”
“What can you tell about their civilization from here?” Kali asked.
“Honestly, not a lot,” Osirea admitted. “Their planet’s too dark for solar power, and with their limited biomass, there wouldn’t be much fossil fuel either. Probably for the best; that stuff will kill you. They must have been limited to wind and geothermal energy before they developed nuclear power, or maybe they harvested lightning straight from The Tempest. Wouldn’t that be something? I will, however, speculate that they’re not a peaceful society. Their planet is pot marked with a lot of recent craters that aren’t consistent with meteorite impacts, and I doubt they built those defensive aerostats purely to use against alien invaders.”
Kali nodded somberly, but before she could ask any further questions, Avo’s station began beeping.
“Odysseus is responding. He’s requesting visual communications,” she announced.
“Good. Keep our camera locked on me, but project him where we can all see him,” Kali instructed. Avo nodded, and with a few holographic keystrokes, the channel was open.
All five Sirens turned towards the center of the cockpit, where for the first time, members of a human species beheld the image of the Storm Born.
Chapter Four (Coming Soon) ~ A Siren's Song Above Stormy Skies
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2021.10.24 02:36 Advanced_Performer47 Annoyed with my “support system”/coach/mentor. Feeling neglected and seeking advice i’m going crazy.

This is more of a rant of how i’ve been neglected by my “support coach” at my brokerage. Y’all let me tell you something if you’re going to join a brokerage, please please i cannot stress this enough. Do your research! Interview with a couple of brokerages and see what training and support they offer before you sign any paperwork.
Long story short i have a listing and the only reason it’s closing is by the grace of God. Seriously idk why the most important questions and most dramatic scenarios happen over the weekend. It’s like the entire week i know what i’m doing then the weekend comes and when i’m hit with questions i naturally go to the coach and she doesn’t answer til Monday. Is this normal by any chance? And if it is, it’s sad.
I don’t want to give too many details because i don’t want to risk them seeing (i’m paranoid like that) but oh my goodness this coach is like only there when it’s convenient. When it’s the weekend or after 5pm they never pick up their phone and have left me stranded so many times. Y’all i’ve gotten severe anxiety to the point where i’m not eating, and all i dream about is this listing. Thankfully we are closing this upcoming week.
I owe them a referral fee but the paperwork is still not completed after i have asked them repeatedly to help me fill it out so THEY get paid. Would i be a b*tch if i just closed and didn’t give them a referral fee? It’s around a thousand bucks but honestly they DONT deserve it at this point. All they’ve done is the bare minimum and answered a few questions HOURS after i have had to find the answer some other way with no guidance. Or should i just let karma bite them in the behind?
I am just so annoyed. I wish i could send them a mean text just saying everything i feel but i’m trying to control my emotions. Needless to say i’m leaving this brokerage and i’m pretty much just waiting for the closing so i can dip the hell on out of there because this was an experience like no other! Is everyone’s first transaction just a huge and utter mess? A mess with no guidance or help along the way.
Thank you to anyone who read my post and de crypted what i said. It’s a lot and i’m rambling but i’m just so angry honestly. Btw, this brokerage is one of the supposed best brokerages for newer agents and training. So new agents or aspiring agents, not all that glitters is gold. At the end of the day you need a brokerage that supports you and your learning style and offers support for the first few transactions. A big brand name is not always what’s best for you
On a lighter note, i am speaking with this new brokerage and the broker seems fantastic. Training is phenomenal and since it’s a smaller brokerage they can focus more on me and i feel really good with them. Can’t wait to close to finally leave my current nightmare brokerage and join the new one! Would it be rude if i sent the coach a letter? A letter to their house explaining how i feel about them? Or would that just be petty lolol
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2021.10.24 02:36 iPpSvB784 The smokey look

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2021.10.24 02:36 nonstopgamer1121 I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I genuinely think Furbies are government spies. Those things are extremely creepy

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2021.10.24 02:36 empanadas234 street photography

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2021.10.24 02:36 wjft Hate Values

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2021.10.24 02:36 jookco Peter Scolari Death - Obituary - Dead News : Peter Scolari, Bosom Buddies Star and TV Veteran, Dies at Age 66: Peter Scolari, Click link to read full story.

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2021.10.24 02:36 Early-Figure7769 Common scams?

I had someone DM me claiming they could help boost my subs via shoutout on their Snapchat for $11. Is this a common scam? I didn’t accept the offer, seems shady to me.
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2021.10.24 02:36 stimandplay 😎

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2021.10.24 02:36 vBurgey Can someone simplify what happened at the Houston show for me

Fuck a body text
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2021.10.24 02:36 jjwart Girl of all ages

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2021.10.24 02:36 KhAiMeLioN What the hell is going on with these fees!? These were limit orders!

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2021.10.24 02:36 Tranracial I got a new ha- wait, huh I like that. There’s a little funny character on this

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2021.10.24 02:36 Berthe_Aalto275 Floki Fomo! 🤑 just launched 🚀and embarking on a marketing journey across all major social media platforms to build the largest community in all of DeFi! Join the Floki Fomo Fam on our journey to the Moon! Floki Fomo will be the next sensation in the Crypto and DeFi world! Join the Family!

Floki Fomo! 🤑 just launched 🚀and embarking on a marketing journey across all major social media platforms to build the largest community in all of DeFi! Join the Floki Fomo Fam on our journey to the Moon! Floki Fomo will be the next sensation in the Crypto and DeFi world! Let The Fomo Begin🚀🌕 Join Us Today!
🌐BSC Scan:
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📝Contract: 0x3724A7500c6685cb45E9686C90AEfa342EE7aE2C
Floki Fomo is embarking on a marketing journey across all major social media platforms to build the largest community in all of DeFi! Join the Floki Fomo Family and let’s take our community to the Moon!
Our Tokenomics will feature the following:
Self-Sustaining Liquidity generation:- All Floki Fomo transactions will contribute 7% to Liquidity ensuring price stability, sustainability, and security to all traders. This contribution ensures that Floki Fomo is sustainable and scales as the community grows. Asset holders can also provide additional liquidity and earn interest as our market cap grows.
Decentralization:- Contract Ownership was renounced at launch, as a result no individual or entity has ownership of the contract, adding security and fairness for our community and making our token decentralized. The Smart-Contract was tested rigorously using the test-net prior to launch to ensure security, efficiency and scalability.
Fomotion NFT Marketplace, Casino and Sweepstakes! :- Our Fomotion NFT Marketplace and its offerings are in development! We are partnering with amazing Digital Artists & Influencers, to have an amazing and stacked line-up of NFT releases at launch. Fomotion NFT Marketplace will also feature a community lottery, Sweepstakes, & exclusive Giveaways.
Fomo Marketing:- 3% of Floki Fomo transactions will be contributed to our community marketing fund, 100% of this fund will be used for the Marketing and Advertising of our token. This will ensure that we have the capital necessary to fund our massive marketing campaign that will catapult Floki Fomo to the very top of the DeFi and NFT sphere!
Join the Floki Fomo Fam on our journey to the Moon! Floki Fomo will be the next sensation in the Crypto and DeFi world! Let The Fomo Begin🚀
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2021.10.24 02:36 plaugebacon My boy Jar Jar is an absolute chad

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