How to do proportions in DAX by groups?

2021.10.21 08:43 nightwalkerbyday How to do proportions in DAX by groups?

I have a population, we can call this POPULATION. It is divided into 3 subdivisions. We can call them Alpha, Bravo, Charlie.
I also have another, smaller table. This is the number of people in the above list of people who meet a certain criteria. We can call this subset SUBSET. They may also be divided into the subdivisions Alpha, Bravo, Charlie. To more clearly denote a subdivision who is from SUBSET, we can call the subdivisions Alpha', Bravo', Charlie'.
Now, I am trying to graph the following proportion using one Measure:
Alpha' --------- ALPHA
(as well as for Bravo, and Charlie, etc).
I have tried to use the following DAX:
However the issue is that, when I graph this in a column chart (with SUBDIVISION as the axis), the numerator is correctly counted (ie. Alpha', Bravo', Charlie'); however the denominator is always the total count of the whole POPULATION, which I do not want. I want that the denominator is the total count of that given subdivision.
Is there a clean way to do this?
My thanks!
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2021.10.21 08:43 Extremely-Medium Multiple paintings at the same time?

Do you think it's worth while to work on more than one painting at a time. For sake of letting things dry a bit to work over it or even if it's just to paint something else and let your mind cleatake a step back from the other one for a while. Just wondering how beneficial it would be or even if it's something that's usually good to do anyway or if it's better to stick at one thing. Obviously there will be a bit of personal preference here but I was just looking for thoughts on it
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2021.10.21 08:43 Divya-6969 Dybbuk horror movie full trailer - Emraan Hashmi, NIkita Dutta and Manav Kaul.

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2021.10.21 08:43 SUPERJERRY1234 External Seagate 1TB HDD causing system instability

Lately, I've been having system instability problems.
I have managed to track it down to the root cause of an External Seagate 1TB HDD, I can't 100% confirm that was the root but that is why I am asking to see if anyone can lend me a hand with information to help me confirm if it was my External Drive.
So let me take you back to the start of the issues to give you an idea.
So it starts a while ago like a month or two ago. I had owned a Sennheiser GSP 670 and they worked fine but the issues started to appear once I plugged both the HDD and USB Dongle.
What happened is that when I would copy something from or to the HDD it would copy as normal for a couple but then my PC would start to freeze and or act really slow, the audio through the headset would start to crackle and pop.
Eventually, I tried opening the program My PC but it would just take ages to load and it all it showed was a blank white screen show. Once or if I could get My PC to load I tried to access the drive but it was unrecognisable and or would take forever to load. Halfway through the copying, it would just say that it can't access the drive.
This went on for a few days until I worked out I couldn't have both the HDD and USB Dongle plugged in together right beside each other.
Fast forward to now. Running Windows 11 and now I don't own the GSP 670.
My system just feels slow at opening general Windows Programs like the file explorer, file explorer copy will randomly go down to 0 Mbps and sit there for ages before starting to go back up to around 130 Mbps and then go back down.
Also had many BSODs, Windows refreshing on its own, the mouse pointer just freezing for a second or two before working again, Microsft Edge hanging for a minute before performing the action and Windows search freezing before working again.
I fixed the BSOD's by finding out a program called Dragon Centre and anything connected to it or installed with it was the root cause for the BSODs.
I eventually brought a new External 2TB HDD a couple of days ago and got it today. I started copying files to and it did the same thing as before which was going down to 0 Mbps for a while and the back up. I got to a point where two folders needed Admin Permissions.
I tried everything to give the folder Admin Permissions and even login as Admin but nothing worked.
Then I finally went to my Dad's PC with the HDD and it worked like a charm but opening My PC was just slow and the bar at the top was loading for a while. I took the drive out after I got the stuff off it and it was still slow at loading but once it loaded the PC was fine then.
Now it could be two things that cause the PC Insatabilty, the old External 1TB HDD or my new Ram.
I tried to old HDD on my brother's PC and my dad's and none of them had the issue of the copy speed dropping.
My PC Spec's
-Windows 11
-RTX 2060 6GB
-Intel Core i710700KF
-MSI Z490 Gaming PLUS
-32GB of Ram ( 2x8GB T-Force 3000, 2x8GBCorsair 3200)
So if anyone can read all of this would you guys be able to share what you think caused the system instability or is still is causing it. It's between the old 1TB HDD or the new 2x8GB of Corsair Ram
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2021.10.21 08:43 Rare-Ad-2240 How is my lineup?I have spent some money on the game including VIP

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2021.10.21 08:43 surveycircle_bot COVID 19 & Consumer Behavior

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2021.10.21 08:43 32-Levels She enjoys her springs

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2021.10.21 08:43 petraneko27 First catch of the day!

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2021.10.21 08:43 GreenSkyDragon [The Many Gifts of Malia] - Part 52

[The Many Gifts of Malia] - Part 52
Malia cover
[First Chapter] | [Previous Chapter] | [Next Chapter]
We didn’t head straight to the feast, of course. That would take a couple days to get set up, enough time for everyone to gather and Loutro to decide on the various dishes. Since the feast would serve not only as the commencement of the Second Trial but also a celebration of our reclamation of Aenea, he’d no doubt go all out on the food. While Seppo went about getting Nebesa ready for the revelry, I went back to my maas to mull over the various thoughts nibbling at the back of my mind.
The stones of the fountain were cool and a little wet as I sat down. Behind me, the fountain burbled and splashed, spray misting my back as the water rose and fell. With Malia cleaning up the mess in Aenea and Thane, Azoria, and the others doing who knew what, it felt a little empty. The stain from where I’d thrown Nanshe had faded, the flagstones back to their warm, golden hue.
I picked a pebble out of the fountainwork and rolled it between my fingers. Paeden magic had strong bonds to spirits and earth. Hasda’s djinn had pissed himself about being put to earth, and Palmyra had felt void of divine essence. While that was partially due to the inhospitable environment, Tamiyat recovering the souls of her deceased followers could very well have exacerbated the hostility. And Jade was somehow connected, if Nanshe’s words were to be trusted.
I frowned at the flagstones. What did Jade guard? Was there something in the mines? A minor Paeden goddess, charged with warding something bound in the earth, almost Lazuli. Jailor of the Sea Mother. Or she was, until she let her out and threw her loyalties to the elder goddess, her prisoner.
The words of my vision haunted me. I hated the ambiguity of prophetic metaphor with a passion. If such metaphors had a physical manifestation, I would have thrashed the avatar in combat and dealt it an excruciatingly painful death. I had no clue who the “Adder” could be; the “Apparition” seemed bound to torment me with its endless possibilities; and as clear-cut as the admonition about the “Prisoner” seemed to be, delivered right before our encounter with the Sea Mother, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was a little too obvious.
I hadn’t discussed the prophecy yet with Malia, but she tended to pick an interpretation she liked and then never deviate from that perceived meaning. While that shortcoming often blinded her, she was pretty good at cutting through the smoke and mirrors to get near the heart of the meaning. So perhaps justifiably blind, but if the prophecy really were about Hasda, I wanted to be as absolutely certain of the intended message as possible.
Sighing, I pushed off the fountain and paced around it. The murmuring water and cool air were comforting, but they provided none of the answers I sought. But perhaps Jade could shed some light on the situation, if I could find her. I hadn’t noticed her when I returned, but I also hadn’t been looking very hard.
I flicked my portal open, heading for Maas Bierg. Malia would be another few days cleaning up Aenea before she returned, so I’d gather what information I could and then talk with her, hopefully before the feast. While I could have waited until she got back to question Jade, I also wanted the goddess as open as possible, and Malia had a bad habit of being...intimidating, especially to those she held in low regard.
All manner of mythical beings swarmed the streets of Maas Bierg. News had spread of the conflict in Aenea, and how an elder goddess had arisen from the Great Sea and been driven off by Malia and me. I slapped at an itch on my neck, which had come and gone intermittently since I’d returned. Normally, those kinds of itches meant worshippers sacrificing, doling out their devotion, etc., but I hadn’t reestablished any of my temples, formally or informally. If it kept up for a week, I’d talk to Seppo about it and see if I was having some kind of strange readjustment to being a seated god again. Sort of like how old scars sometimes itched.
Even with my hood up, I couldn’t avoid the stares of the people I passed on the streets, so I pulled it off and flashed unsettling smiles. That at least kept them from pestering me with annoying inquiries, although it had the downside of making the odd centaur or chimera I stopped to question shy away. But eventually I got my questions answered, and no one had seen Jade anywhere. Hasda had vanished, too, which surprised me until my subconscious started drawing conclusions.
I had no idea what Hasda considered romantic. The forests of Maas Caorann were bare of Nebesan life, save for Loutro, who’d gone hunting for deer for the feast. He hadn’t seen Jade or Hasda, but he thought Phaeus might have an idea, so I jumped through my portal and ended up outside the steamy gates of Phaeus’ forge. After shouting myself hoarse for a couple minutes, the insolent dwarf finally appeared. At first he thought I’d come to collect Hasda’s armor, which he’d repaired (save the possessed chestplate), but when I asked about the lad’s whereabouts, he frowned. No, he hadn’t seen Hasda since the feast, but he had seen Jade talking with Tarrha a few days ago, so maybe she knew.
Grumbling my thanks, I collected Hasda’s armor and took a quick detour through my maas to deposit it safely before heading back to Maas Bierg to find Tarrha. And, of course, once I got to her temple, she was out, but her attendants said she’d gone to the springs in Maas Taeful so maybe I could find her there. As if I hadn’t already been running all over Nebesa. But I thanked them and went through yet another portal, coming out next to the log cabin the spring wardens used for administrative purposes.
It was a squat structure, built from pines felled from the surrounding forest. A lone chimney sighed smoke from the back, and the overhanging roof slats gave flimsy waves in the wind. Empty chairs sat on the porch, and the front door was closed. Before I had time to process how unusual such a vacancy was, Tarrha came barreling through the door, laughing as she shrugged her robes on.
“And we’ll have to do that…” she trailed off when she saw me. Wet hair, exposed shoulder streaked with water or sweat, and robes far too thin to be decent, she looked weird in a mortal body, as opposed to the water nymph form she’d worn at the feast. When she saw me, she flashed me a smile and ignored the nymph behind her. “Why, Charax, what a pleasant surprise! Come to relax, I take it.” Her eyes sparkled. “Would you like some company?”
“No, thank you.” I watched the leafy spirit slink around her and flee into the forest. “I’m looking for Jade. Hasda, too. Have you seen them?”
“Mmmm.” Her voice purred as she slid towards me. “Can’t say I’ve seen that boy of yours recently, but Jade passed through here a few hours ago.”
I folded my arms as she draped herself over the post at the top of the steps and fought off an eye roll. “I would appreciate it if you’d point me in her direction.”
“You really ought to do something about all that stress in your voice.” Whatever she intended that smile to convey, it very nearly made me laugh. A bit of a grin slipped out anyways, and she immediately started pouting. “Oh, poo. It’s always business with you. Fine.” She huffed and jerked her head. “They went to the sauna beyond the second hill.”
“They?” I raised an eyebrow, but she held a finger to her lips and gave me a mischievous smile.
“Gotta find my fun somewhere, now, mustn’t I?”
That deserved an eye roll, so I gave her one and swung around to hike to the sauna. The isolated, private, definitely only ever used to bask in steam sauna.
“Mind that you knock, you old badger!” Tarrha called after me.
I waved her comment away and stomped up the hill behind the cabin.
Beyond the hill was the field full of springs, steam blanketing the plains like milky fog. Minor gods and goddesses lounged in the water-filled depressions in various states of undress, the most unusual being a god wearing his social awkwardness on his sleeve with his full robes still on. But seeing them all so relaxed made me feel my centurites, both because I could use a good soak myself and because I recognized not a one of them. I hadn’t been gone that long, and it wasn’t like I paid the minor gods no mind at all, and yet still…
As I wended my way around the pools, I mentally swatted away those pesky fatherly feelings that were springing up about what I’d find in the sauna. Jade and Hasda had been spending more and more time together, and it raised my suspicions to return and not be able to find either of them. Tarrha’s comments, as well, were designed to foment such feelings. But of course they would, because stupid, horny fertility goddess. If Jade and Hasda had gone to the private sauna alone, who knows what kind of “advice” she’d given them.
With that lovely thought, I came upon the little shack that served as the sauna. Laughter and...very specific sounds floated out through the steam that rose from the spring beside the hut. I recognized both Hasda and Jade’s voices coming from within and prepared myself for a supremely awkward conversation.
Oh boy.
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2021.10.21 08:43 Renegade_Curator Ayanami has been staunch.

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2021.10.21 08:43 Progorion Announcing the “Managers and Offices” Major Update! news - Computer Tycoon

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2021.10.21 08:43 TaylorSwiftsSon Orders to USNS Comfort

Just got orders to the Comfort and will (?) be attached to the ship while my PCS will be at Portsmouth, VA. What can I expect there? Does the ship deploy a lot? If so, how is it?
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2021.10.21 08:43 PristineIron Correct my audit internship bulletpoints

Hey guys, long story short, i'm a french student who did complete an internship in a mid size audit firm, and as I'm applying to another audit firm in europe they require a cv in English, i consider my self fluent in English but I'm not that good with the technical audit jargon, so could you help me out please. This is what I've put:

This was a 4 months internship from January to February,
Thank you
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2021.10.21 08:43 SecureSamurai So meta

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2021.10.21 08:43 Frequent_Mouse_6341 What is a good entry level ac/dc tig welder like to stay under $1000

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2021.10.21 08:43 oxygenick I figured out how to get the opening ceremony digital pass if you already purchased, but didn’t receive the email yet!

Step 1. Login to your edclv front gate tickets account Step 2. Go to your order history Step 3. Click the order that your open ceremony shuttle pass was on Step 4. At the bottom there should now be a button that says resend.
I got the email immediately after this process. Have a great weekend!
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2021.10.21 08:43 dadswoodworking Bianca wearing 77mm Genshin Impact plugs by Dad

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2021.10.21 08:43 ovomin [LEAK] MOTH TO FLAME - SHM X THE WEEKND

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2021.10.21 08:43 retseh69 Blitzed the hard tower on survivor mode with just only using shaolin kung lao

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2021.10.21 08:43 ItsJarman Howard

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2021.10.21 08:43 CuriousResearcher506 It's a good thing, crypto has changed my life! Even if it means getting less sleep. 😎

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2021.10.21 08:43 brownietub Weekend ka Vaar

I've never waited this longingly for any WKV. There's a lot of anticipation.
(In his review, Manu shared a very important point. If they don't take action against Karan, other contestants of the season will think they're given a free pass to be violent. Ab thoda dhakka mukki toh sab karenge kyunki the point will always be "at least patka toh nahi hai humne.")
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2021.10.21 08:43 libtin The latest export data from the Scottish Government reveals that trade with the rest of the UK is over three times more important for Scotland’s economy than trade with the EU

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2021.10.21 08:43 Myrandall Viking Slayer by Even Amundsen

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2021.10.21 08:43 yongen96 Thai ads never disappoint me

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