pain. I even used a cherry bomb when I became exhausted

Normally, the term “hyper vigilance” is used in clinical settings. In this post. I’m using the term to draw a parallel to parenting. So, for parents, hyper-vigilance is basically being in a heightened state of awareness, fight-or-flight and protection mode on behalf of our children who are too young to do it for themselves properly, if at ... Akamaru (赤丸, Akamaru) is a nin-dog (忍犬, ninken) from Konohagakure's Inuzuka clan. He is Kiba Inuzuka's partner, as well as his best friend and constant companion. He is also a member of Team Kurenai. At some point, while Kiba was still in the Academy, his mother, Tsume Inuzuka, entrusted him with Akamaru. Although Akamaru almost immediately urinated on Kiba's face, much to his mother ... A Damn Piss Bomb! (4.32) A stinking prank ends up in unexpected sex between friends. First Time 11/24/16: A Damn Standing One-Legged Split (4.23) A naïve slut finds love…with a nerd? Erotic Couplings 11/08/20: A First Time: 8 Part Series: A First Time Ch. 01 (4.40) A naive Japanese virgin finds incest on a stormy night. Incest/Taboo 10/02/16 Summary: Flea bombs, sometimes called a flea fogger, have been used for years to effectively control fleas in homes throughout the world. However, using a flea bomb can put your family and pets at risk due to the chemical residue that remains after use and should only be used in extreme circumstances where there is a massive flea infestation (or a battle that you have just been unable to win ... They were exhausted and starving, and at that point disposed to listen to a man who was known to be trustworthy. The tribe would have to emigrate to a government reservation at Bosque Redondo, Carson told them, but that was preferable to annihilation. Under the circumstances, the majority of the Navajo agreed, and they surrendered. Sada Abe (阿部 定, Abe Sada, May 28, 1905 – after 1971) was a Japanese geisha and prostitute who murdered her lover, Kichizō Ishida (石田 吉蔵), via erotic asphyxiation on May 18, 1936, before cutting off his penis and testicles and carrying them around with her in her kimono.The story became a national sensation in Japan, acquiring mythic overtones, and has been interpreted by ... Cherri Bomb (4.71) A lonely girl develops a horny split personality. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 05/31/20: Dixie's Downfall: 2 Part Series: Dixie's Downfall Pt. 01 (4.55) Dixie's enf adventure has consequences. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 12/30/18: Dixie's Downfall Pt. 02 (4.38) The consequences of the slave auction catch up with Dixie. BOMB’s founders—New York City artists and writers—decided to publish dialogues that reflected the way practitioners spoke about their work among themselves. Today, BOMB is a nonprofit, multi-platform publishing house that creates, disseminates, and preserves artist-generated content from interviews to artists’ essays to new literature. This is an abridged version of Richard Jones' history. For a complete history see Richard Jones' Expanded History Richard "Rick" Jones was orphaned at a young age, and after being expelled from several orphanages for disciplinary reasons he was placed into a state institution called Tempest Town. A troubled and rebellious youth, Jones soon came to the attention of the institution's chief ... It proved hugely effective, and became one of the director’s signature trademarks. Filming was completed at the end of January 1980, and the exhausted, at times rebellious, cast and crew disbanded.

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2021.10.24 04:01 Nruhjigihz Here are a few pictures of my last hike which i did recently.

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2021.10.24 04:01 MotherFuckingCupcake Not a super confident baker, but I made cinnamon apple crumble coffee cake for my fiancé’s birthday brunch.

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2021.10.24 04:01 bdg456h Telling my (31M) wife (28F) i was sexually assaulted

TLDR: I (31M) dont know how to tell my wife (28F) of one year that I was sexually assaulted multiple times in the past. Been together in total of 3.5 years.
Throw away account.
I don't know how to tell my wife this.
My first ever highschool relationship was silly because I only went along with it because everyone else was in a relationship. Wanting to be normal and fit in, one of the girls who no one really liked told me she wanted to be my girlfriend after she was rejected by every other guy. She was a pathological liar and attention seeker. I was 14 and said okay because I had a low self esteem and hey, someone finally wanted me. I wasnt attracted to her at all. She was severely overweight and had bad hygiene. I was desperate to look normal. We barely used to go out outside of school but after 5 months she invited me over to her house. As soon as I came inside she took me to her room and got undressed. I felt uncomfortable because i didnt want to be there and then she started undressing me. I was scared to tell her to stop because I hate to admit it, she was a big girl and I was quite thin. I also knew that if i told her to stop she would tell the whole school that there was something wrong with me. At the time, I didnt find girls attractive and was scared that i was gay (because people at school got bullied for it) even though I knew I wasnt attracted to men either. But i couldnt make sense of it any other way. She pushed me on the bed, climbed on top of me and tried putting the condom on me. This whole time I had my eyes closed and was looking away with my hands on the bed because i didnt want to touch her. I was so angry at myself because i didnt say anything. When she tried to kiss me i recoiled and moved my head. She spent a while trying to put the condom on me because it wasnt erect. She got angry and said "whats wrong with you. Dont worry I wont tell anyone".
I went home and showered her off me and knew that she did something against my will. I was so ashamed that i was that small and weak to even say anything. I went to school the next day and her being a pathological liar told the whole we had amazing sex. She was using me for sex and to also be "cool" because she had done it and could boast. I felt disgusted. The sad thing is, this happened five more times afterwards. She was my girlfriend. She told everyone she was. I hated her. I hated kissing her and even looking at her. But when she invited me over everytime she said not to worry because nothing would happen. But she lied and again used me. The same thing happened except one time she pulled me on top of her and I wanted to get out of there so I mashed my flaccid penis up to her and quickly said "im done" so that i could leave. Im grateful that she was just as stupid as i was as she didnt even know the difference between a hard and soft penis. She didnt even know how sex worked. But again she told everyone we did it. Eventually i broke up with her because she spread lies about me that I wanted to get her pregnant.
This seriously messed me up for good. So much so that I found myself in toxic relationships over and over again where the girls would be sex crazy and make a move when i didnt want it. I was never brave enough to say no. I was never smart enough to predict what was going to happen. I never learned my lesson and kept falling into the same trap. It And every time I never got erect because it was forced on me. I'm not even a standout attractive guy. These girls were all much larger than me (overweight) and supper aggressive. They all seemed just as mentally unstable as i was but in a different way. I was so weak and pathetic. But i hate them so much for what they did and i hate myself more for letting it happen. It took me weeks to break up with them and I dont even know why i was so scared to. I hated them. The look of them. Everything about them. Over 10 times in my life this has happened. How the hell does that happen.
My wife has been the best thing to ever come into my life. She's saved me from depression and im so lucky to be with someone as strong as she is. She is super attractive and everyday im gratfeul she even married me. But i've been lying to her about my past. It's embarrassing but i was a virgin when I met her but she thinks something else. She's been asking more and more questions about my past and I know she knows im not telling her the truth so shes been digging. The trauma did cause anxieties in my sex life with her but for the first time I actually desired it and all the issues Ive had with her have been me overthinking.
Please help. I'm ashamed. Embarrassed. Disgusted in myself. But i need to tell her before she loses all trust in me. Ive booked in with the psychologist to help me but thats a few weeks away. Ive already seen a psych for my depression. I don't know how she'll see me after knowing
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2021.10.24 04:01 LowerExtension5773 🎃 On BSC now! Zilla Inu just launched and you dont want to miss it🎃

🚀Zilla inu🚀🚀
🔥🔥Zilla+INU HYPE🔥
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The team has already developed projects and have some serious experience in binance smart chain and they have made many investors big profits. 💰
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If all of this sounds awesome to you, we have already begun as stated earlier we are LIVE but this is early for all of you fine people reading this text right now!
CMS is just the first paid marketing along a few pinned telegram groups, all else is ORGANIC GROWTH which is rare these days. I can not stress this enough, Join now or forever regret!
🚀Low Market Cap ✅ Safu Dev ✅Based Team
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💻 Website: Under construction!
🐕Contract: 0xd3adc40a28d273caeab5a21b4fffb60873d92187
🐕Pancakeswap :
🐕Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.24 04:01 Hrmbee Huge demand at UBC food bank causing concern about food insecurity | News

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2021.10.24 04:01 Advanced_Building_47 Can wait for MARK tomorrow 🌛🌛🌛

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2021.10.24 04:01 autotldr EU in talks with China to avoid catastrophic- impact of magnesium crunch

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That would not have been a problem should Beijing not have recently ordered roughly 35 of its 50 magnesium smelters to close until the end of the year to conserve power supplies.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, leaders of the continent's top automaking countries - raised the issue on Thursday during an EU leaders' summit.
As the metal is difficult to store - it starts to oxidize after three months - global stocks could run critically low before the end of the year if Beijing doesn't restart production in the next few weeks.
That's more than double the price early this year and the highest since 2008.
In Europe, remaining stocks are going for $10,000-$14,000 a tonne, up from $2,000 per tonne earlier this year, the industry groups said.
Canada's Matalco Inc., which produces aluminum billet, told its clients last week that magnesium availability had "Dried up", and if the scarcity persisted it would have to curtail output and ration deliveries as soon as next year.
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2021.10.24 04:01 Slatt_29 What time does Carti usually start performing and for how long?

If my show says it starts at 8 what time would Carti normally come out and how long does he usually perform for until the show ends ?
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2021.10.24 04:01 BATM4NN Avoid jail for drug users, seizure of small amounts: Social justice ministry

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2021.10.24 04:01 thatrandomguyG13 I am looking for a relaxing citybuilder, preferably in the achient area free on andraid or pc(if it exists, I wold like ane in witch I ca design my buildings)

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2021.10.24 04:01 panditji_reloaded Big revelation: Prabhakar Sali, personal body guard of missing KP Gosavi, who is witness in Aryan Khan drug case in his affidavit revealed, NCB, KP Gosavi & Sam Desouza had demanded Rs 25 cr from Shahrukh Khan to release his son Aryan Khan from the drug case.

Big revelation: Prabhakar Sali, personal body guard of missing KP Gosavi, who is witness in Aryan Khan drug case in his affidavit revealed, NCB, KP Gosavi & Sam Desouza had demanded Rs 25 cr from Shahrukh Khan to release his son Aryan Khan from the drug case. submitted by panditji_reloaded to unitedstatesofindia [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 04:01 Billis22 Darkrai on me 2544 6545 0919

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2021.10.24 04:01 Mina3103 No hangover sundays

I'm not yet a non-drinker. I've had 30 days sober before once or twice a year and I don't drink every day. But the weekends are usually full of booze and it's always too much. Yesterday I just had a cozy evening with tea on the couch so I woke up at 8 this morning and I'm going for a run now. It's a great feeling. Planning on having a few months sober starting in november, cause my anxiety is horrible after I drink. I'm really looking forward to it and curious if it's the step for me to quit completely.
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2021.10.24 04:01 TedioreTwo Mellen - SNL

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2021.10.24 04:01 Academic-Fennel-8583 Hey I am currently conducting discounted natal chart readings for those who are interested. If so, let me know and we can start whenever you are ready.

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2021.10.24 04:01 Bubonic98 OOOs adaptation. What if Godai Yuusuke died?

I have watched kuuga and loved it. Now I am rewatching Kuuga and OOOs and have seen many similarities around it and wondered what if we did this and adapted it into America. I am just thinking of this shit up and just want to post it on the internet. Criticism are welcome since I am just one guy thinking of this stuff and any other ideas are welcome into this story(?). Also for those who haven’t watched Kuuga or OOOs, I am going to talk about incorporating some story plots from the shows that are major spoilers so if you haven’t watched them yet, click off please and thank you.
So let's start with the world building.
In this “world” Godai dies during his fight with daguva. His incarnation is OOOs. I haven’t thought of who OOOs is or what his personality is like but I would like to have his background to be similar to Eiji’s. He comes from a wealthy background and is very kind hearted and loves to travel. But something I would like to add is that he has had a ptsd since he was a war veteran who befriended people during his time but then some stuff happened and he has lost his desire/greed. I added this stuff since I felt like going into the military is more the norm in America than in Japan and that alot of soldiers made friends with locals but had things separating them. Also by the way I am sort of following the decade/dc theory where there are multiple worlds but are very different and have different timelines. This is like branch off of the original kuuga world
OOO’s family- In OOOs I feel like they as a whole were portrayed badly, In this version I would say that it could be half and half or maybe his father was the only good person in the family while his siblings and step(?) mother is the bad one which is why he wanted to join the military, which his father was against. Though I don’t think they would be really relevant to the show I would like some depth to them.
For Anhk I would like to see him as a gurongi. He is a gurongi similar to the ones in Kuuga but he instead of being disgusted by humans, he was fascinated by them and loved them instead of hating them and viewing them more like game pieces. Because of this all the gurongi hated him which caused him to escape to America (or any other country). He then was introduced to the Aztec tribes and befriended a king or patriarch. He was worshiped by the Aztec common people. He then be sealed by the king with the other Greeed so he could help the next OOOs
Anhk then worked together with the Aztecand created technology or relics that ‘grant’ immortality or power. The power is the OOOs driver belt and the immortality is the coins.
The power is the OOOs driver belt and the immortality is the Medals.The coins, though they grant immortality, magnify the person’s most important desire since they lose all their senses of love, feelings, or emotions. I thought it like this because in line with Aztec culture they made human sacrifices as test subjects for immortality which created Greeds. Instead of homunculi becoming greeeds through creation, I would say it would be more different if they were actually created from humans. Of course this was hidden from people and was only known by the people in power. The first 4 greeds were the prototype and only had 9 at the start. There were more sacrifices but they all died because they were faulty. The first ‘successful’ one was the purple one. But because of how the person was (suicidal and crazy) he dies and made the coins able to possess someone and make them want to destroy the world or something like that. The Aztecs with the help of Greeeds drained the medals of its power temporarily and sealed them in a box. This kinda started to make Aztecs see the Greeeds as deities. Anhk seeing this differently than the king, saw this as a success and tried immentating this on himself which succeeded. He was so proud of himself that he was flaunting this success over the Greeeds' heads. They became so jealous that they destroyed one of Anhk’s medals which made him like them, a faulty product. This is also around the time we see that the lack of their basic human senses are getting to them and warping their common sense. I would also like to say that they still have the power to create Yummies, the same in the original show.
This Division proceeds to make the Aztecs into two factions. The ones who followed the Greeeds and the one who follows Anhk and the king.
During this internal conflict the king and Anhk created the OOOs driver. They amplify the user’s desire and could make them truly insane.
Since he didn’t have any Medals since their power only works with medals Ankh gave some of his medals to him. This would be the ‘king’ form/rising phoenix. In this series I would like to consider this as the final form instead of the purple form for OOOs. He takes the medals from the Greeds and makes them weaker but this also makes them more insane since this is like taking pieces of them away. This causes them to be more protective of their coins and more aggravated when you take or in possession of their coins
The king- He is a man with great ambition, and was the first OOOs. similar to the original he became ooos but lost all sense of reason since the belt magnifies the user’s greed. This caused the collapse of the Aztecs civilization. When he finally regained sanity with the help of Anhk he sealed the Greeeds medals, the belt and Anhk so he could keep watch over them and he stayed so he could ‘repent’.
The Greeed’s faction- The ones who believe in the Greeed’s words and believe that Anhk their ‘god’ betrayed them which then created a secret organization that will help The greeds no matter what. They also believe if they follow them they will grant them their ultimate wish. They still exist in the future as a small cult and help the Greeds. But they no longer can create Yummies because of their desires (very vague but more like because of their desires either injure them, are too small or not inline to what the Greeds feel would be inline with their desire) and some of them are immune since their ancestors have their yummies been over used. But for those who are immune, After the Greeeds are resurrected they were granted the ability of creating some yummies themselves thanks to their perspective ‘deity’.
KM decade- I would like to implement him as an omniscient anti hero. No one knows how He/She came forth, hell even he/she doesn’t know. The worlds reject him so he/she could only be there at a certain time or he will break it to unimaginable levels. Though the worlds reject him, he is a path guide or the executioner and helps the hero to the right path or destroys him if he deviates too much from it. Decade could be anyone so he could be seen as multiple people but has the same personality as Tsukasa from the original decade. His place of stability is only in the photo house/shop. Though this is just my bias of decade thanks to Zio and how I love him as a supporting character. Do to this what you will.
Foundation/Organization that ‘helps’ OOOs
They develop OOOs modern weapons and helps him in exchange for Greeed medals and Cell coins. They have researched heavily on them and have made many discoveries thanks to them. But this is only because some of them are descendents of the original king faction( they are native Americans) But some of the Greeed factions have infiltrated(the main Scientist) and have been trying to use their resources to further their goals. Anhk still has a heavy distrust about them but still makes deals with them
The CEO is the same guy as the one in OOOs who sings happy birthday alot, I won’t really know how to change him. Maybe make him involved. Don’t know just really like his happy go nature
KM BIRTH- there are two so I would be talking about the doctor first then about Shintaro then anyone else
I would try to change him but I still don’t really have a good grasp on what it will be yet so I would like some ideas for this part
For Shintaro I wouldn’t really change him
For anyone else I might treat him Like bee from Kabuto where there would weaken Birth suits that could be treated as an common foot soldier or variations of the Birth suits so others could wear it
The Doctor- Has Tragic Backstory here() though I kind of want him to be similar to the original. I want him to be different so it could be more different and make the show more special. Hes still insane but in a different way, still wants to destory the world but for a different reason
Hina- In this story I would like to be an childhood friend of OOOs in this story, Which is why she lets OOOs stay over But she doesn’t know much about his personal background but knows his character
Shingo- I don’t really know how to use him since Anhk possesses him for the majority of the show
Chiyoko- I would like for her to be the mother of the siblings but would also be connected to the foundations in some sort of way so they could have a more secret base. But I feel like this wouldn’t be in line with OOO’s vibe
Police- there are some people in the police who are in a special department that was developed thanks to the Gurogis. They work together with the foundations to fight against the Greeeds
There is a leader in them that is OOO’s sibling and has perception of his brother being an failure and throughout the show he has to change that slowly
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2021.10.24 04:01 bertts Ronaldo/Alonso/RLC for Reece James/Christensen/shit striker (to be dropped for Broja)

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