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Aryan Khan case: Ananya Panday's mobile phone, laptop seized by NCB

2021.10.21 09:31 Opoyiss Aryan Khan case: Ananya Panday's mobile phone, laptop seized by NCB

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2021.10.21 09:31 Section-Strong Ticket DWAC. Don’t know nothing about it is that its Trumps company low float and already has the volume. Like a despac play. Glta.

Squeeze baby.
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2021.10.21 09:31 FiF4M33sTeR No support for HoF, pull for Raven gear?

Hi guys. As the title says, I have no proper support for my HoF. Is Raven a good enough support to pull for her gear? I have 9k crystals and 7 supply cards
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2021.10.21 09:31 Successful-Buy1167 Dm if you guys can atleast match a yashin for these packs.

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2021.10.21 09:31 Gruener_Adler This subreddit is pointless

While the idea of a place to share genuine unpopular or controversial opinions is interesting and worthwhile, this sub is not that.
Everyone constantly comments that only popular or basic opinions get upvoted. This sub is filled with posts like this one that are just normal, even popular opinions.
Anything actually controversial or unpopular gets downvoted or just ignored.
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2021.10.21 09:31 Regular-Novel935 how would you describe the story of this game for somebody new to the series entirely

and also do i need to play the other elder scrolls games to understand this ?
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2021.10.21 09:31 Tkhrnaj 日本遂に教育格差が甚大へ 公立に行かせたくなくなる 私立でなければ人扱いされない時代へ 私立への受験が最多 [177654932]

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2021.10.21 09:31 apicella1 Holy guacamole!! can you believe this? There's this cool website called "Does ryan Kavanaugh Look Like Harvey Weinstein" and It's so informative.

When I was a young, wee lad, I never could tell the difference between two specific people. Those people were named "Ryan Kavanaugh" and "Harvey Weinstein". These two people were so hard for me to figure out who's who. Everyday, the question, "Is this Harvey or Ryan" would arise. It came to a point where I almost had a breakdown in the middle of a library. I was on the computer, and either Ryan or Harvey popped up on the screen (I don't know. I couldn't tell.) I haven't even figured out who it was. I had to be escorted out of the library because apparently I was breathing too loud out of held fury when looking at the image.
That was before I found I can now finally breath and live a painless life knowing whenever I am in trouble and can't tell the difference between Ryan Kavanaugh and Harvey Weinstein, I could just go to this website. It's as easy as pie! Anyways, I came to the reddits to share this bit of info with you, guys. Hopefully I wasn't alone in my Harvey/Ryan Pain.
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2021.10.21 09:31 ThinkingCritical DC Writer Says Waid Used Racial Epithet, Drags Scott Snyder, More

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2021.10.21 09:31 neTo42 Anon got visible nipples

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2021.10.21 09:31 PainFaucet Confusing and Constant Frustrations with Ubisoft; let's discuss. [Watch Dogs Spoilers - Hidden via Fancy Editor]

I seriously want to preface this by saying that I am not here to tell you that what you like is bad, and game X and Y sucks. A company of Ubisoft's size will always crank out a title that someone will like and be pleased with, and your opinion is completely valid.
Jumping the Gun
I had never really played many Ubisoft games until some years ago, but the first memorable one that I played was Watch Dogs 1. I know many people have their complaints with this game, a lot of them regarding their E3 demo, however, in most regards, it is a solid (if not, decent) title, and has a decent cult following. I enjoyed the game a lot. I know many people were unhappy with the protagonist being shallow with only 1-3 maximum motivations at any given time.
However, that is what sequels are for, and we all know Ubisoft loves sequels.
What was the sequel to a dark game where you track down the man who is responsible for the death of your niece, find out that he's just a triggerman, and after emotionally torturing him due to a lack of ammo, kidnap him for the entire game. Then, continuing to murder and shoot up gangsters, fixers, and anyone who gets in your way. Breaking into a prison via getting yourself arrested, to sneak around and kill a bunch of dirty cops, to threaten a witness who knows your name. Then continuing to take over the identity (via murder, of course) of a sex trafficking ring participant, and proceeding to go to an auction, having your identity blown and shooting your way out. Then, eventually finding out who ordered the hit, murdering him, then murdering your ex partner, and then optionally tying up the loose end of the triggerman via a 9mm round.
Watch Dogs 2:
You play as a young African American hacker in San Francisco, making pop culture references about things that don't actually exist, where violence is not supported in the plot at all. Speaking of, the plot is just a shit ton of side missions that culminate in you literally calling the police on the "big bad", in contrast to Watch Dogs 1, where you shoot them in their fucking faces in slow motion. That's the literal finale to the entire game.Not only that, but stealth is only encouraged through literally limiting your ability to not use stealth through underpowered arsenals and shitty mechanics (long uncancelable melee, anyone?) There was so many irritating things about this game that this is enough talking about it.
Watch Dogs: Legion:
Have not finished it yet, but so far, it's an improvement from WD2, but still feels like a downgrade from WD1, at least in tone. However, have enjoyed my limited time, for what it's worth. Also, the play as anyone thing is, of course, a gimmick that detaches me from being attached to literally anything.
Finally, Assassin's Creed:
Ubisoft has completely switched to their "standalone entry" model, rather than a continuing story. This isn't always a big deal, except when it is. What the hell is going on with these modern day plotlines, and why are they even there, now? Every AC game I have played (and I've played a handful) that has had these, has started out the same.
I start out with an awesome entrance like AC Syndicate, which I really enjoyed. Then, get pulled into a cutscene with characters I don't know or care about, and have no impact on the actually game part of the game, so I skip it, every time, which damages the plot.
It is seriously crazy to me how Ubisoft can have a solid story integrated into gameplay, while having an entire part of their story, without all?
Those are mostly nitpicks, obviously.
Less Nitpicky:
My largest problem with Assassin's Creed as a series, and all my playthroughs are the same, the exact way.
I start the game, and there's an introductory story, that's usually pretty engaging, and then it dumps you in the open world with not all too much direction. The game never feels like open world is done, right. For example, RDR2 (random open world game as an example), encounters with enemies is done randomly, throughout the open world, happen to you when you aren't expecting it, and is relatively rare and often unique.
AC? The enemies actively sit on every street corner, ready to annoy you on the way to a mission.
The combat has always been decent with Assassin's Creed. It has always been shallow for the most part, but flashy enough to be fun...except when it's not. I was extremely excited to pick up the AC collection for Switch, because I had never played Rogue. Just to find out that, Rogue is just Black Flag but it's cold outside and the British are coming. The combat is almost a complete copy and paste, except for a few different animations.
Every time I play an AC game, I get extremely into it for a few hours, before genuinely just losing my way and interest, because there isn't really any motivating goals, emotional stakes, or anything to direct me.
A lot of these are clearly results of Ubisoft's past (and somewhat present, depending on who you ask), of pumping games out as fast as their developers can possibly type.
What even is Assassin's Creed?:
The biggest issue with Assassin's Creed for me, is that I don't know what I am intended to do. The games flip flop from stealth to "idk just kill that guy" on a dime. Syndicate for example, why would I ever use stealth, when stealth isn't really beneficial at all, unless you're seriously outgunned, which is infinitely rare. Then on a random mission, all of a sudden I am absolutely required to not be detected, or I desync.
All Ubisoft games run poorly on every system I own or have owned, and that includes cloud gaming services. I've never played a Ubisoft game without spending considerable time spent tweaking graphical settings.
Ubisoft insists on making consistent sequels to almost all of their IP, but have no idea of how to actually make a sequel, or don't intend to at all. I know that the theory is that anyone can jump in whenever. But it's a serious turn off when I become invested in a character or story, to be immediately abandoned and forgotten about as soon as it hits shelves.
I'm sure I could've formatted this better, and spent more time articulating it, polishing it, and making it super nice for the end consumer to view. But it's much easier and more profitable for me to just type it out and hit post. ;)
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2021.10.21 09:31 mnycms2mnmraclswz $SDC has 145,500,000 shares short.

$SDC Total outstanding shares : +/- 388,000,000
$SDC Total shares short: +/- 145,000,000
$SDC if there are +/- 10M shares sold in a day it will take +/- 14 days to cover the shorts.
$SDC is potentially a ticking time bomb of epic proportions.
For disclosure I am long $SDC and will hold until this happens.
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2021.10.21 09:31 Thunderstorm-1 Does anyone know when dls22 will be released?

And will it carry over from 21, or will it be a new app like from dls19-dls 20?
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2021.10.21 09:31 x0rang3x [PC][STORE] HUGE list of bundles for you to gain on!

Bundle 1: "Auto-striker" - 2100 credits Striker Fennec (TA) Stiker Dingo Striker Grey Fennec (TA) Striker Grey Centio (GL'19) Striker Grey Cyclone (GG'19)
Bundle 2: "I'm a collector!" - 12000 credits CC2 Pixel fire blueprints: Saffron, Pink, Purple, FG (Aviator), Cobalt CC3 Scorer Shisa BP CC3 Mondo Blueprints: TW and Saffron
Bundle 3: "Savage Tribe" - 12000 credits Full PCC Tribal (Goalkeeper Cobalt) set plus extra 2 pink and extra TW Show-off
Bundle 4: "Coffee lover" - 3000 credits 3 full Latte sets plus certified latte toppers: acrobat, juggler, sniper, turtle (2), victor plus 2 kitten cups
Bundle 5: "On board!" - 2000 credits Full Surfboard set (extra pink) plus sertified surfboards: acrobat, aviator, goalkeeper, guardian (2), paragon, scorer, turtle, victor plus X-Boards (2) plus X-Skis (2) plus Snowboards (2) plus Hoverboard (2)
Bundle 6: "Hat on top" - 1500 credits Full Top Hat set plus certified top hats" Guardian (2), Juggler, Paragon, Playmaker, Scorer, Tactician Plus Uncle Sam (2) plus Capitain's Hat (2)
Bundle 7: "You are blinded by love" - 1300 credits Full heart Glasses set plus extra Black, Crimson, Saffron, unpainted (4)
Bundle 8: "Animal Lover" - 1500 credits 3 Full Little animals sets (1 sweeper Sloth) plus 3 extra Bunnies, 3 extra Owls, 2 extra Dogs
Bundle 9: "Certificate my hat" - 3000 credits 48 Certified Toppers (too much to list), including these striker ones: Bobby Helmet, Cherry Top, Cockroach, Halo, Pirate's Hat AND these Tacticians: Cromulon, Rhino Horns
Bundle 10: "Those were glitched RP6 items" - 2000 credits 19 Glitched RP6 unpainted items (excluding only 1 - Ronin)
Bundle 11: "Bits and pieces" - 1500 credits TW Acrobat Springtime flowers TW Fireplug (Nitro) Stella Inverted Orange (TA) TW Twinzer (PCC) Discotheque Orange (CC3) SLK Orange and Black (OD) FGSP Purple (OD)
Bundle 12: "It's ugly, but it's rare" - 8000 credits Striker Wrathogens: TW, Lime, Purple, Grey, Unpainted
Bundle 13: "Tutti-Fruity" - 600 credits Full Watermelon set: Breakout, Merc (2), Octane, Road Hog, Warm Watermelon, Wheels, Boost, Worried Watermelon (4), Juiced GE
Bundle 14: "Do I need those?" - 200 credits 48 different unpainted limiteds (Banners and wheels) from Rocket pass plus some drops: Fallen Angel, Statesman, Striker Carbon, Striker Decopunk, Hephaestus
Bundle 15: "Set Coordinates" - 100 credits for each set below: Andr0id Ault-SPL DYR II Esoto 4R Galvan Helicorpion Mandala: Infinite (minus pink, purple, bs) Metalwork Parabolic Polyergic Q-runner Reticle Shima Shortwire SPN Startis Teller Tungsten Ulterior Woofer Yankii RL Zhou GFP
EQ-RL Filiformer Formation (minus tw, black, bs) Spatiotemporal
Bundle 16: "SET NEW COORDINATES!!!" - 150 credits for each set below: Blade Wave Cephalo Dimonix: Inverted (minus black, TW) Generator II Hamster: holographic Holosphere Metalwork: Inverted Polyergic: Inverted Shima: Infinite (minus TW) Visionary
Light Show Riser
Bundle 16: "Roger, coordinates are SET" - 200 credits for each set below: Full Tactician 3-lobe Cloudburst (minus unp, tw, sb, cob, fg, saf) Fiber Optic (minus cob, black) Radiant Gush (striker black) - this one 300 ;) Shining Barrage II Super Manga-Bolt III (minus tw) Dominus: Nightmare Fuel Luster Edge (minus tw) Mainliner Octane: Metarudia
Bundle 17: "Drops in the bucket" - 2000 credits Sweeper SB Aether Sniper SB Fantasmo Playmaker TW Ballistic Petacio: Black (Aviator and Turtle); Crimson, Saff, SB, Orange (Playmaker), Grey
Bundle 18: "B&P: The return of Bits and Pieces" - 2000 credits Grey Zefram Infinite Buzz-Kill Purple Striker Stella Inverted Orange EKG-OMG: Sweeper Orange, Juggler FG Discotheque (trail): juggler black Breakout: Chainsaw TW Guardian Standard BS Zeta FG Diomedes: Orange Masato: Crimson Peppermint: Guardian SB, Tact Purple SLK: Tact Orange and Tact Purple SLK: Cob Falco VR: Black Trahere Unc: TW Triplex: TW
Bundle 19: "And i will strike down upon thee" - 3000 credits Striker Crimson and Striker TW lightning Striker TW Future Shock
Bundle 20: "I want it all" - 4500 credits Every grey painted topper in the game: 22 uncommon toppers plus Grey halo, Grey Foam Hat, Grey Stegosaur, Grey Beret, Grey Royal crown 5 Rare toppers: catfish, drink helmet, mms, octopus, wildcat 4 limited: drone, jolt bangle, LFT, Phoenix
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2021.10.21 09:31 babbygreengirl 18 pound weight fluctuon

I'm wondering if anyone else has ever had a similar situation before. So for backstory I used to have an eating disorder and was very small my whole life. Now after treatment years later as an adult I'm very overweight. I started trying to loose weight. I was excersicing most days, eating less and better food, but also restricting a lot of my food intake and skipping meals. On sept 14th I was 200lbs. By sept 28 (14 days later) I was 187. That's a 13 pound difference which I know is very unhealthy and I panicked. I realized I was slipping into bad habits and realed myself back in. Uni got busy at that time too so I stopped working out and started eating 2-3 meals again. Now on oct 21 I'm back up to 205. From 187-205 is 18 pounds I gained back. In 24 days. It just seems odd to me. Should I be worrying? Regardless of weight but like health wise? I'm not sure if it was just my body trying to even itself out because I wasnt eating enough before or what. I'm also on antidepressents but I'm on bupropion which is off label a perscrpition weight loss drug so i have no idea.
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2021.10.21 09:31 Danny886 Ja Morant goes off for 37 pts (17-29), 6 ast, 6 reb & 2 blk in season opening win

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2021.10.21 09:31 _DecoyOctopus_ If China and India are the main polluters of the planet, why should I, a westerner, bother to make an effort?

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2021.10.21 09:31 RandoBritColonialist some help please

So I started playing recently, and I need some tips on skill moves. I can only do the spin and the pull back. How do I do stuff like crab dribble or just general between the legs etc.
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2021.10.21 09:31 banbanji WB Giratina 9987 3468 8788

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2021.10.21 09:31 theLordOfTheTings Rant - The hypocrisy of some teachers…

Apologies for the rant but I have nowhere else to share…
In two schools in which I have worked/trained - I have been advised by one or two NQT’s who work there or some more experienced teachers. I have been advised to plan all my printing or get it all done within advance of the lesson by 2/1 weeks.
I have never missed a lesson, forgotten a resource and everything is printed ready for the day - usually the day before when its quiet. I’m as organised as possible and still learning.
One NQT (when I was training) used to make digs about not having a lesson plan from me, two weeks in advance. However, when I would be planning or completing PPE in the staffroom, guess which teacher would be sending one of the learners out of class to the staffroom to ask a member of staff to print things off for that exact lesson? And guess who the member of staff was who would ensure the resources were printed….
Another member of staff (in a different school) admonishes me for letting a learner leave 2 minutes early (only if there has been a physical fight, altercation in which I think is necessary) but does the exact same when it suits his needs. Even more so, admonishes me in front of the learners - rather than in private.
I’m so glad its half term, I am currently on long term supply and considering advising my agency that I want a different school afterwards.
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2021.10.21 09:31 Buny1p Happy with my first Celebrations pulls

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2021.10.21 09:31 KillTheIdiot Wizard of legend on switch?

I saw many people playing it on switch but I can't find it in my eShop?
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2021.10.21 09:31 simo6390 State attenti

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2021.10.21 09:31 NDoorsman When should you start using FF Liquid nutes? I’m doing a soil mixture

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2021.10.21 09:31 Actual-Impression-67 This is so sad

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